Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lindsay - December 14, 2015

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing week! My week was crazy but amazing! On Wednesday we had an awesome zone meeting! Our district leader gave a great training on finding, and how we can improve as
missionaries. Sister Grange also gave a great training on how every missionary can be a spiritual leader. She drew a picture of a row boat, ( because she used to do rowing in middle and high school). She talked about how each person in the boat plays a major part in moving forward. She talked about how the person in front shouts in a microphone to keep everyone in line. Everyone would think that that person would the leader. But really every person is important. She tied that in to how we can each be leader, and the characteristics of
Christ that can help us to become great leaders. It was so good!!

On Thursday I had an experience that I will never forget. Sister Grange was on exchanges, and it was just me and Sister Condie. We were walking through an apartment complex, and I saw a picture of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus on someone's door. I got a subtle prompting to go and knock on the door. I was heisitant to follow it so we tried
the person we were going to see and she wasn't there. I looked at the door again and Sister Condie asked if I wanted to go knock on the door. I reluctantly said yes. So we knocked on it. No one was there, so we started to write a note. As we were writing it, a woman comes up to the door and unlocks it with her key! She said goodbye to us, and
before she could close the door we asked if we could show the Christmas video to her. She agreed, and she liked the video! We gave her our card with our number, and I asked if she would be interested in meeting with missionaries. She said that she usually isn't home. But it's ok! Maybe some day she will remember that experience and be more interested! But that truly helped me to see that even though it's hard to act on spiritual promptings, if we take that act of faith, he
will bless us! For me on my mission it has been hard to follow those promptings, mostly because of fear. But I know from the scriptures that "perfect love casteth out all fear" ( 1 John 4:18). That is something that I strive to remember when I have fear.

On Saturday, we went to 3 baptisms! And we had taught all of the people who were baptized! (We passed them off to elders in the family wards, cause we cover YSA). We first went to Leanna's baptism and that was amazing! But unfortunately the water heater broke, so the water was
really cold! After the baptism Leanna exclaimed, "It was like the polar plunge!" Haha! We love her so much!! Then Dana's baptism was at 1. Whenever someone asked her how she was feeling, she always said that she felt excited and happy. When she bore her testimony, I wish everyone could have heard what she said. Her testimony was filled with the Spirit! Then at 7 at night we had Ria's baptism! It was amazing!
Her whole family came to support her, which was awesome! And the water was really warm! ( it was at the other stake center). The day went by perfectly! We were so happy!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true! And I know that the happiness that comes from living the gospel can't be found anywhere else! I love the Book of Mormon! It brings so much happiness and joy into my life! This gospel has truly blessed and changed my life!

Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all!

Sister Dunn

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