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Holli - December 8, 2015

Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty good week this week!

We visited this one family in the Ward. They are an older couple and the wife has some health issues so they can't get out to church much. It was late at night and we rode our bikes up to their house which was pitch dark. We thought they had forgotten and were already asleep so we just called them to leave a message and we hear the phone in their
house ringing. Sister Maughan started to leave a message when Brother Sparling picked the phone up and told her he would let us in. So he comes to the door and we go inside and the only way to describe their house is, you know that scene on Polar Express where they are in that train car full of puppets? Yeah, that is what their house looked like on the inside. It was kind of creepy. Like, screeching violins were
going off in my head :) But they were the sweetest couple! They had so many pictures of their family and were telling us so many awesome stories - and they were way into genealogy too. So it was pretty awesome. They owned an antique shop so most of it was in their house :)

I was recovering this week from a nasty cold so we stayed inside a bit more than we liked but we had the Mission President's niece (Tani) out with us one day and I couldn't really talk so she took over tracting with Sister Maughan and they did an awesome job! We tried our hand at park contacting this week. We met this one guy named Francis who was pretty cool. He was sitting there, reading a Chinese newspaper when Sister Maughan goes right up to him and asks if he believes in God and we had a pretty good conversation. He wasn't interested but he talked about how the preacher in his congregation never encourages them to
read the bible and then he talked about his bible study class.
Interesting guy.

We had Zone meeting this week. Elders Van Wagonen and Stoker are our Zone leaders and they are both from Idaho so that's awesome! We talked a lot about contacting during Zone meeting and Zone conference. That's been pretty fun. And something we always need to work on!

Haha, we were teaching our recent convert Joe about the plan of salvation. He's Chinese so he understands English but speaking it is hard for him. Joe is taking a bible study class which is kind of a concern because the preacher/teacher doesn't exactly have the fullness
of the gospel of Jesus Christ so  Joe was confused on a couple of points of doctrine but we cleared it up ok. We were talking about the fall and I was explaining how it was super cool because Adam and Eve were in this perfectly innocent state so they couldn't have kids until they were cast out - kind of came out awkwardly and Sister Maughhan was trying not to crack up. Kind of reminded us of that one District
video where Elder Christensen is teaching the law of Chastity. Yeah it was kind of awkward. However, since Joe is still learning English he didn't react much. He's super cool though and super strong in the faith.

We made cookies with one of the members this week and we plated them to give to less actives and investigators and it's been pretty fun! We attached a little Christmas invitation that listed all the different events we have coming up for the Ward and it's been pretty fun delivering them!

We were tracting one day and we were in this area of apartments and we saw this one guy coming out of his apartment so we walked up and started talking to him. It was cool because Sister Maughan just asked him if he believed in God (her favorite question I think) and he  talked to us for about half an hour about the subject. It was awesome!
He is pretty strong in his faith but it was way cool the things he was talking about - it's crazy how much truth people have, and how much more we could add if they hear us out. But a lot of people are either unwilling to search for it, are satisfied without knowing, or are wandering "in strange paths" and get lost with all of the other philosophies out there. Really interesting!

That's about it from here in Arcadia! The Ward party is on Saturday so we should have a few more pics for you :) love you all - and thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Love, Sister Dunn

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