Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lindsay - November 30, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was a wonderful week!! I was a little homesick on Thanksgiving, but it was amazing to serve the Lord on that day! On Monday, we had a busy P-day! We had a baptism and then Family Home Evening right after which was crazy! Kara was so happy to be baptized, and she was smiling the whole night! When it was her time to bear her testimony, she started crying! Her testimony was simple and short, but it was so sweet. It was a wonderful day! 

On Tuesday we found 3 new investigators in Hidden Valley! It was awesome! The first one that we found was named John. He was a former investigator, but we decided to visit him! He is such a humble man! He is almost blind, and he recently just had a stroke. He has learned so much from those trials, and he is so prepared! Because of his health, it was hard to keep commitments before, but now I believe that he is ready to make that commitment! The other two new investigators we found was a family named the Berry's. This couple were also former investigators! They are really intelligent. The husband has read the Bible multiple times, and has read the Book of Mormon 3 times. The wife also is very involved with the Bible, and they had A LOT of questions! They also asked to be given the other literature to read like the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.  It is going to be interesting because they are more about gaining knowledge rather than going by faith. At least that is what we observed! So we are going to talk about the Restoration next time and help them to see that they can ask God the questions that they have! It will be amazing the next time we see them!

On Wednesday, we had a great district meeting about using good language during lessons. We made a list of "fluff" words that we shouldn't use: ummm, so, you know, you guys, sweet, cool, awesome, dude, etc. We tried a role play where we didn't use those words, and it was amazing! I could feel the Spirit so much stronger, and I felt like I was truly led by the Spirit! It was fantastic! This week I have tried to cut out those "fluff" words when I speak. It has been hard! But it was good to focus on that topic during district meeting, because it helped me to become more aware of what I say!

On Thursday, in the morning before studies we made cheesy bread! And we also made thanksgiving cards for everyone and delivered them! It was awesome to go to other homes in the area and smell the good food and talk with people! :) And we went to one of our investigator’s house for thanksgiving dinner! Ria's family is amazing, and we had a wonderful time with them!

On Saturday we met with Kara at her workplace: Freddy's! Their frozen custard is so good!!! We also went with one of our ward missionaries and we visited some people! She is also thinking about a mission so it was awesome to have her with us!

On Sunday, we went to Sister Robles house for dinner! There were two sets of missionaries there plus us! It was a full house. And she invited 2 of her relatives and a family friend! We had this really good white chicken chili, and cornbread for our meal! It was so good! They were going to decorate their apartment for Christmas, but we had to go out and visit some people, so we left but came back later for treats! She made pumpkin dip with apples and Rice Krispie treats! She is definitely an awesome cook! So that was my week! I love and miss you all! Happy Holidays!!!!

 Sister Dunn

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