Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Taylor - November 30, 2015

Hey mis padres how's it going? So the new area I got sent to is Homestead East!  It's in the Miami South Zone, really quite close to Sunset and Blue Lagoon, my starting areas, so ya back down to the south! It truly was a long drive. I had to drive for like 5 hours just sitting in traffic. It was so bad! 

Basically I have just switched places with Elder Doxey (one of my mtc comps). Oh did I tell you that Elder Anderson (my other mtc comp) went A.P. a little bit ago? Sorry if I forgot. Anyways, Elder Doxey is now where I was with Elder Keys and I'm down in Homestead greenie breaking Doxey's “son,”  Elder Toews (it's pronounced taves but since latins can't say that very well he's basically calling himself Elder Toes). He is such a boss. Super loving and kind to everyone but full of energy and excitement! His Spanish is super good!! We are living with two other elders, Elder Robishaw who originally came from the Tampa mission and he's really cool and Elder Angulo who is super boss. Elder Toews was born in California but now lives in Elkridge, Utah.  Elder Robishaw is from Utah as well and Elder Angulo is from Mexico. It's probably the nicest apartment that I've been in on my mission, mainly because it has carpet and most places here have tile. Also, everyone speaks Spanish so well in the apartment. That's all we speak! It's great! 

The other people in my district are the Coral Reef South sisters, Sister Jackson and Sister Larson. They're super boss. Sister Jackson was in my MTC district and she's finishing training sister Larson. This is sister Jackson's last transfer-- crazy! Also the Key West elders are in my zone so that's cool. It's Elder Naea and Elder Johnson but I don't know much about them because they are like 3 hours away and their phone broke so I don't really know about how they're doing yet. So ya I'm the district leader again which is fun.  I gave a District Training on Friday and I have to give another one tomorrow so that should be fun! There is a ton of potential in the area and the district which is awesome! We have a couple of baptisms coming up which should be super cool! Oh the zone leaders are Elder Jensen and Elder Gamez and they're super chill and I'm excited to work with them more!  So, that's about it.  

They ran out of miles on the car in this area as well so we have been biking this week but it was good! Oh ya, on Thanksgiving we had 3 meal appointments and I about fell over and died! They were delicious though! Oh, the ward is bilingual so we can teach English and Spanish here. Hooray! Also the Country Walk Ward is in our building which used to be some of the Sunset Ward so now every Sunday I get to see members I used to know like Brother Brown and Brother Nunes and those guys so I'm pumped for that! I'm glad your Thanksgiving was awesome. It looked fun, so much snow, crazy!! Man is that the 5 ft. 2 girl that Braiden got engaged to?  Crazy that happened already!! So awesome that Jess got his call. I'm so pumped for him! Anyways, ya it was an awesome week and I'm pumped about the transfer!!

Love you guys, stay safe!

Elder Dunn

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