Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Taylor - December 7, 2015

Hey! So this week was quite a week. I will try to put in as many details as possible! 

So one of the baptisms we had scheduled for this week was Kevin and Vanessa. They are super cool.  They love the gospel and they had us over for Thanksgiving. We even helped them get out their Christmas decorations so ya they're just super cool. Well, Elder Toews figured out that they live like one street outside of our area... which means they aren't ours to teach. I don't know the boundaries very well yet so I just came in and assumed they were inside. I don't know if  Elder Doxey knew but he wanted to go ahead with the baptism anyways. The thing that was tough was that Kevin and Vanessa were member referrals from a family in our ward so that's how they started coming to our ward. Elder Towes and I were freaking out because we had to tell them and the rest of the ward that they actually didn't live in Ward boundaries but instead belonged to the Coral Reef ward. So...we invited Bro. Lambert (who is a convert himself and former Bishop) to make a visit. Also, the Evans family, the family that referred them, decided to come on the visit. Well, we had the lesson and broke the news and for the most part it went well. Vanessa was a little upset but her husband bore testimony that they weren't joining the church to join the Homestead ward and that it doesn't change anything. They still have strong testimonies in the gospel, in our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. 
After everything was settled, that night he even texted us and said "the gospel of this church is familiar to me" and it was super cool! Well, the next day we were biking to an appointment and Elder Toews got a flat tire. I had just ran out of patches so we walked for a little bit and then got a text from Kevin cancelling the baptismal interview and the baptism on Thursday. We got a call from Sister Evans saying that apparently Vanessa had been offended and felt like we were kicking them out of the Homestead Ward or something like that and other details. So ya.. um... we didn't feel like contacting them right away was a good idea but we are trying to work it out with the Bishops of both wards and see where it goes. It's just super disappointing when you're so close but then things like that happen. We explained everything well and everything seemed fine too. I feel like Kevin is just giving his wife a little bit of time to cool down or something, I don't really know what will happen but that wasn't fun. Pray for them! 

Clifford another guy we are teaching is also close to baptism. It was supposed to be sooner but he has to wait 21 days to take care of divorce paper things to a previous wife. We will then get him married to his current wife and get him baptized. He's just been waiting forever for the baptism. He's basically begging to get into the water! A huge thing we run into a lot is that people just aren't married so it's so hard. I just want to say "get married people!!" No one does! Anyways so we had a great learning week this week! 

We had a bit of a hard time finding investigators for most of the week which led to a lot of brainstorming and pondering on how we could improve and do better. We saw some really cool miracles near the end of the week through our endurance and positivity. We are really going to be focused this week on expanding our teaching pool through teaching while finding but not only just that. We want to make specific plans for the people we work with and making sure we are consistently following up with them and helping them stay on track. Daily contact we feel is something that will prevent people from falling through the cracks! 

Lets see, fun details for the week. We got a little 4 ft. Christmas tree that Sister Tucker loaned us so that's cool. We had tres leches with expired milk that Elder Toews and I downed but Elder Robishaw and Elder Angulo spit it out. That was a funny experience! We had some awesome food with the Summer family. She is from Australia and they both served missions in Japan and they still speak it! Better brush up on some Japanese Dad ;) All the bread they eat is homemade because she loves to cook. He loves the Denver Broncos. They played yesterday and they were keeping up to date with the game. His wife says if Denver is losing you don't want to be in the house (jokingly) but kinda reminds me of you Dad ;) Oh, at their house we tried vegemite which is alright, definitely not as good as peanut butter though! 

Anyways ya the missions going great. I'm loving it. We have zone training this week so I'm excited to learn tons! Love you guys! Happy Holidays!
Elder Dunn

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