Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lindsay - December 7, 2015

This week was a fantastic week! Especially since it has been 75-80 degrees all week! Yay! I love winter in Arizona! On Tuesday we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Michael. He has so much potential and he can discern the spirit very well. These past few couple of weeks we hadn't met with him that often because of his busy work schedule. He works two jobs, so he is busy a lot! And he also told us that he hadn't prayed or read his scriptures a lot and he could feel a difference! He told us that he felt distant from God. And that when we come over there is a certain feeling that he gets that helps him to have peace. It is so amazing to see God working in his life! We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he understands why every principle is important!  Later that night we went to Chinese food with the Beeston's! It was so good! We shared a bunch of dishes and we had egg rolls and soup. I love their family! 

On Wednesday we had an awesome district meeting! We talked about preparing our investigators for a baptismal interview. It was so convenient because Ria, one of our investigators was going to have the opportunity to have a baptismal interview so it was great to talk about helping others feel ready for baptism! After the meeting, we all decided to go to a Mexican place for Sonoran dogs! They were so good! and I got Horchata which is an amazing rice and cinnamon drink!! We had an awesome lesson with Ria that day, and she was getting sick, and we were heistant to go over to her house, but we did! And it was amazing! We also brought a less active with us to come and teach! It was so awesome to have her! During the lesson Ria expressed that she felt so much more confident for baptism after the lesson! I know that Pearl was meant to be there because she helped Ria a lot! Then Pearl went with us to another lesson with a former! Her name is Grace and she is the sweetest human being in the world! She gave us little bags of cookies and chips to snack on, and we introduced the Book of Mormon to her, and showed her the new Christmas video. She is very sensitive to the spirit, and she told us that even though she hasn't read the Book of Mormon, she felt good inside when we talked about it! She is golden!! 

On Thursday, we had lunch with Leanna! So Leanna is someone that lives in our apartment complex, and she is the sweetest lady ever! One day when we were working out and she stopped us and said that she wanted to meet with the missionaries! We met with her and taught her the Restoration, and we passed her off to the elders! She was prepared from the get go! She knows that this church is true, and I can tell that it has blessed her life! Anyway, just a little background. But we had lunch with her on Thursday, and we made her baptismal invitations! I personally think she likes us more than the elders:) just kidding. haha! 

On Friday while Sister Grange went to Mission Leadership Conference, Sister Condie and I visited some members that we had never met before, just to find referrals, and it was really good! We also visited a less active member in the ward, and that was awesome too! We also helped with dollar lunch and they had a dance that night, so we helped them make refreshments too! 

On Saturday, we went to the Mesa Temple to do baptisms! Kelly, our recent convert was doing baptisms for the first time, and so we went with her! Even though we didn't do the baptisms, we all got to watch and see her complete family history work! She was crying the whole trip! I know that the experience she had blessed her life! We also went to the amazing visitors center too! It is like a mini version of the Salt Lake City Visitors center! They have a Cristus statue, a room full of nativity scenes and other amazing things! They also have The District videos of the missionaries, and what they did after their missions! It was cool to see that as well! 

On Sunday, Sister Grange and Sister Condie went to YSA 2nd ward, while I went with a ward member from the Hidden Valley ward! She was so sweet, and sent a picture of me to my Mom which I know she loved:) She goes to choir practice, so I got to go and sing! They sang "Away in a Manger" for the prelude, and I got to join! It took me back to my amazing family ward, and when Mom took us every week to choir practice! I miss that, and so it was nice to sing in a ward choir again! It was so comforting to be in a family ward. I loved singing the Christmas hymns, and the people were so nice to me! And I got the privilege to say the closing prayer in sacrament meeting! It was just so amazing! The Christmas devotional was also so amazing! Dad, the song that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang, I think it was called a mid winter night or something like that!! Soooo good! And the really fast song, oh my gosh that organist can move his fingers soooo fast! ahhhhhhh! It is amazing! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all:) Merry early Christmas!!!!! 
Sister Dunn

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