Saturday, January 2, 2016

Taylor - December 21, 2015

Hey! So we had a good week this week and we learned a lot! Elder Toews and I were working super hard doing our best and being exactly obedient but we didn't see the success that we wanted. We realized at the end of the week that we were trying to do this work on our own, that we were thinking it was our work but truly it's the Lord's work and he's in charge of it. He knows what He wants to happen and so as we do our part He will make up the rest! That gave us a lot of comfort! 

We have Clifford getting baptized this week so we're really excited for that! We were able to see miracles and even had a member with a friend and her mom come to church and they stayed for all 3 hours. They loved it!! We're excited to teach them in the house of the member this week! Oh Barbaro got a calling as a ward missionary and received the Aaronic priesthood which was boss and Gerlenney got called as the secretary to the relief society! They are some solid RC's!

Elder Toews and I accidentally signed up for a musical number in the mission conference they are having this Wednesday. They sent out a text asking if anyone wanted to participate in a special musical number so we thought that meant that there was like going to be a choir or something so we said we were down. Then, we later realized that it was our own musical number so we were like.. uh that's not good. So we dragged the sisters into our district to do like a quartet for it. We are singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel.  Haha wish us luck, it may or may not be so good! 

As for the Skype thing I might be able to face time you unless you really want to Skype and then I'm down. Whichever is easier and more effective. I think it will be around 12 or so, if worse comes to worse I can probably just give you a quick text saying that I'm about to get on, I know that doesn't help much sorry. The Summers only have like 2 computers and it's us 4 missionaries. They do have an ipad for facetime I believe as well. 

Sounds like you guys had a busy but awesome week! I liked the pics oh and tell Spence to take some drone photos in the day. That would look pretty sweet especially if there's like a blanket of snow on the ground!  Um I don't know if there's too much else to say, just having an awesome time haciendo la obra del Senor y predicando la palabra! Thanks for all you do, love you guys! Feliz Navidad!!!

Elder Dunn

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