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Lindsay - January 11, 2015

Hello everyone from Safford, Arizona!! I love the area here! It is the Gila Valley and literally reminds me so much of Idaho! :)  The members are golden. They literally do the missionary work for you! haha:) Just kidding. But they are amazing. They are so missionary minded and they just love missionaries! We are covering 3 wards here in Safford! 7th Ward, (which we are pink washing) and 8th and 9th ward. It is so fun, but a bit overwhelming! But its ok! Sister Sayer and I have faith that the Lord will provide!

So about Sister Sayer. She is from Dallas, Oregon (20 minutes away from Salem). She LOVES the rain, and says that she will melt in the summer:) She is the most hilarious person in the world! She reminds me of so many people! She looks like Ali Bingham, she reminds me of Sydnee Miller, she could definitely be related to Austin Miller because I can see the resemblance. And she also reminds me of Aunt Emily Clark sometimes. It’s crazy how all my companions remind me of people that I know! She has a relaxed personality, but she does work which is good. She just finished her training and Sister Tibas who trained her was very relaxed with planning and missionary rules. But when I bring stuff up she isn't opposed to following it, it is just new to her, and you have to wait a little bit before she implements it. But I was put with her for a reason, so it’s amazing! I have no complaints, and I know that we will learn from each other! 

We live with a member named Sister Curtis. She is the sweetest lady, and almost every night we say good night to her:) Her cat’s name is Maggie and she can be a demon at times. Every time
we move she pounces!! haha:) I just smother her with love, and Sister Sayer gets irritated with her so she sometimes will kick her so she doesn't tear up everything! (Cause she literally will chew your
scriptures up).

On Wednesday, we met the other missionaries in the zone. Sister Moe-Tufaga is in my zone! (my second trainer). What are the odds!! Sister Charles is also in my zone!! I love her so much! Our district leader is a great missionary! He gives such great advice to help with our investigators. We talked about extending commitments and why it is so important to follow up with them. It was really good! We also visited with a 93 year old man named John Mcclain. He is the cutest old man, he has health problems and doesn’t understand why he is here on this earth:( But I know that he is here for a reason because he makes everyone happy! I have never laughed so hard in my life. His famous lines are, “Hot doggy!", and "Hallelujah!" He is from Becklow, Idaho!!! Yeah!!! and he was in the Navy!! Grandpa Dunn!! You probably know him!! (Maybe:) 

On Thursday we went to the Food Bank. It was so fun! There is a member who runs the Food Bank, and all the missionaries come and help her since she is older, and she can't do it by herself. There are so many service opportunities here in the Gila Valley! 

On Friday we literally weekly planned all day. We didn’t have our car with us cause the STL’s drove it to MLC. So, we were contemplating on what we were going to do for the rest of the night with no car. We thought of maybe tracting, but we would have to walk a long time to get to our area. Then we thought maybe we could get some bikes, but that didn't happen. So we called the senior missionaries, the wonderful Reynolds couple from South Carolina to come and help us. They are amazing!! Their accents are so great! I love them! So we contacted some potentials and referrals for 2 hours, and it was so fun! We actually made contact with some people even though it was a late time of night for families! 

On Saturday we met with Lance and Landon, two boys that are so intelligent and kind. They are two of our investigators who are ages 9 and 11. We taught them the Restoration, and we are planning to extend the baptismal date next time! The spirit was so strong, and they are so close to the spirit. They told us that whenever they read the Bible they feel good inside. So we are going to help them get into reading the Book of Mormon, so they can get to know God better. We are so excited for these two boys! 

On Sunday we went to church from 7:30 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon! And I fasted, which wasn't a good idea. haha:) It was a long day, but I loved it so much! And we both spoke in 8th
Ward, so that was fun. Guess what the topic was Mom and Dad? The Worth of Souls. What a coincidence, that I get to prepare a talk about the same topic I spoke about at my farewell! :) Also, a girl that is going to be leaving for a mission gave her farewell talk too, so that was a special moment to be a part of.  At 5 we went to Bishop Hargis's home for a lesson with an investigator named Devan. He has been taught by the missionaries in Colorado, and he moved up here, and came into contact with us, and we have started to teach him! Even though he is YSA age, he has social anxiety, so he told us that he would be comfortable in 9th ward, and then he would think about YSA ward later. He has such a strong testimony of the gospel, and the thing that made him so interested in the gospel was General Conference. One of his friends is a member of the church, and she invited him over when General Conference was on. So he watched it, and one talk spoke to him, and he knew that he needed to learn more! The Lord has truly prepared him! We then had dinner afterwards. The Hargis’s invited a lot of people over. So it was really fun. The Reynolds also showed up, and we had a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader, Bishop Hargis and the Reynolds right after. Then the Reynolds invited us to join in with their family prayer. They sing the primary song, “Let us gather in a circle and kneel in family prayer....... etc" I love the Hargis Family!! Then right after that we headed home. As we were driving home the light was already on the empty sign of our gas tank. But we told each other, "The Lord will provide!" So we waited until today to fill up, and we didn't run out of gas! So that is my week! I hope you all are safe and doing well! I
love you all! I know this church is true!


Sister Dunn

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