Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lindsay - December 28, 2015

This week was an awesome week! On Tuesday we had a Half Mission Christmas conference which was so fun! We played Simon Says which I am not very good at, but it was fun anyway! Then we did the 12 days of Christmas song with all of the missionaries! We had a card at each table and our table's card said "a person plus an action"  but it had to be 4 syllables. We were also the 12th day of Christmas so we did 12 people baptized. Some other missionaries did 5 bad haircuts, 4 fake referrals, 7 Dear John letters etc. :) It was so fun! The rest of the week was kind of a blur actually! We just tried to visit as many less actives, members and investigators as possible. It was a little tough because of the holidays, but we were blessed for our obedient efforts!

On Christmas Eve we had dinner with the Farr Family. They are the best, and the food was delicious! We also participated in their nativity that they did. Sister Condie and I were angels:). We were given so much dessert this week, so Sister Condie and I are going to do a no sugar diet. :) We are also starting to run laps in the morning, so that gives us a lot of energy each day. On Christmas we opened gifts in the morning, and we had breakfast with a less active. She made crepes for us, and she had this amazing caramel pecan sauce to go inside. It was so good!! Then we visited more people and skyped with our families!! That was so comforting to me to see my family, and I am so grateful that I got to speak with them. On Sunday we went on splits because we have to cover 2 wards. I taught Gospel Principles,
and talked about the Atonement. It was really good, and we had a great discussion near the end of class. I showed them the video about the debtor and creditor by Boyd K. Packer. I love that video, and everyone seemed to like it too! So that is my week, sorry its kind of short!! Transfers are in a week, and I don't know what is going to happen!!!! ahhhhh!! the suspense! Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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