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Chelsea - December 21, 2015

We hung up the stockings you sent!!

What a week! So saying goodbye to Sister Hamblin was sooo sad. The Rahlfs came to our apartment to pick her up and we were just all crying! Awww we miss her a lot. It’s definitly a lot quieter in the apartment! Zone Conference was great this week. President and Sister Rahlf went way deep into the Christmas Story. While listening, I realized I knew nothing about the Christmas Story! We learned so many cool things and definitely a lot of inspiration. 

So it’s been raining straight for one week. A lot of floods everywhere! Haha its definitely been miserable going out and teaching because everything is wet and its cold and we get soaked and oh man! But its been kinda fun haha. But seriously, every night we sleep in jackets and pajama pants and I sleep with my sheets and my blanket cause it’s so cold! Haha funniest thing, so they have the nativity in Diffun set up. And it’s literally the scariest thing in my life. So Joseph is like this creepy manikin and Mary is I don’t even know what and when we saw it we were like what is this?! It looks like Halloween Christmas. Haha I will try to get a picture for you. So funny! I was like, yep this is the Philippines! HAHA

So this week I got to go on splits with Sister Kibaimoa! She has been in the mission for 2 months and she doesn't speak Tagalog either! She is from Kiribata! Haha literally, so funnn!! I mean scariest thing of our lives. Right before we went out, Sister Kibaimoa was saying the prayer and she was like, Heavenly Father, we can’t speak this language. Please help us. HAHA we were so freaking out. But it actually was pretty good! Literally in this past week I've grown so much. I’m able to understand a ton of Tagalog and I’ve led all the lessons and literally, God has helped me a ton this week. I didn’t think I could do it, but going out this week on splits, I guess I’ve realized my potential, and that I’m not totally stupid! Ha! Probably the funnest thing I’ve experienced on my mission was yesterday. So we have this investigator who lives in Sitio Navaro and her house is across the bukid. So you have to cross this huge rice field in order to get to her house. Ahhh im so mad because I forgot my camera. Hopefully, we will go back there this week. But it was so maganda!!! It was one of those moments where I was just amazed to be in the Philippines. Anyways, it is sooo muddy in the rice fields. And there is like a little path along the rice and you have to walk across it to get to the house. And so since its been raining for a week, it was just a mess. Haha so we had to take our shoes off, roll up our skirts, and just go. It’s like the polar express when they have to go across that bridge and they almost fall off. Haha so we had to balance on the dirt path. Sometimes, it was so muddy that it would collapse when you stepped on it and you had to be super careful or you would fall into the rice and be up in mud until your waist. So guess what?! I totally biffed it and fell in the mud haha. My whole skirt was just drenched in mud. So after we got across we had to go wash in the river. Definitely reminded me of pioneer times! hahaha! But seriously though so fun!! Even though it took like 30 minutes just to get across!! 

We have one baptism next week on the 26th! Her name is Mary Rose and she is so prepared oh my goodness! She is so excited to get baptized and I’m super honored to get to watch it before I get transferred (maybe haha). Its been awesome being apart of her coming unto Christ. Missionary work is great people. Merry Christmas!!

Sister Dunn

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