Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chelsea - January 4, 2016

My new companion Sister Clarin

Jess and fam!
Hello everyone!!

Ahhh so I’m transferred! Saying goodbye to the people in Diffun was so sad. On tuesday, that’s all we did and it was kinda depressing! I really cried when we said goodbye to the Martinez family and Jessa. Pero, my new area is Ilagan zone, Alinguigan A! Right next to Sister Baker's old area. Haha our area is so far away. The area by our apartment is the other sisters. So our area is really far. The closest place that we go to is about 10 minutes away. The other one is about 20 minutes. Malayo! They haven’t had a baptism here in a long time so we are really trying to work hard in this area. But we have a lot of potentials! We are teaching two boys, Jerome and Jason. They are so awesome! They have come to church twice now and I can really see the spirit working with them during the lessons. We scheduled their baptism on January 23rd!! What’s funny is that his sister-I think Elder Igleski baptized her in Madella. Super weird di ba?! 

My new companion is Sister Clarin! She's from Negros Occidental! I don’t really know where that is, but somewhere in the Philippines! She’s really great!! She’s a really simple teacher (which I love). I will probably “kill" her though because she goes home in March! So she only has two cycles left!! 
So our apartment is the flooded apartment! haha! But we haven’t had any problems yet! But oh my goodness, we have so many rats and mice in the apartment. And they eat everything!! They eat my food and my sticky notes and my clothes, and they chewed off the zipper in my luggage so it’s now ruined, and also chewed a huge hole through my other luggage, and chewed three holes through my backpack. Honestly, that has been the hardest part of this week. Watching all my stuff get ruined. And honestly, I have no idea what to do! We set a trap and caught one, but I think there’s a ton in the apartment. We are going to buy some rat poison mamaya!! 
Haha also, the hardest thing this week has been no english. I mean siempre it’s such a blessing. But I'm the only foreigner in our apartment. And they speak no english!! During cls time though, i make them speak english, and they hate it hahahah. At least I will learn fast! 

Haha so since it’s new years eve, everyone makes salad over here which is like macaroni and mayo. And literally, it is so gross. So we were out teaching one day, and at three appointments they served salad! Usually, I can get out of it, I’ll make sister Clarin eat it when they aren't looking but we went to this one nanay and she like stared at us as we ate and she was like sister!! Eat more! I was forced to eat it and it was disgusting. Hahah. 

Ahhh sister Porter from my MTC district is following up training sister kibaimoa!! They are gonna have so much fun!! Sister Turley is also in Santiago North! Like seriously, when I transfer, everyone goes to my zone!! Ooh I got to see my nanay on transfer day, and right when she got out of the tricie I ran up to her and we both screamed and hugged. I missed her so much! She’s matured so much, she seems different!! Anyways, that’s it! Love you all!

Sister Dunn

Sister Kibaimoa and I at the last FHE in Diffun with the Padilla fam!  The more marks on our faces- the more we lost in the game.  haha. I was the obvious loser...

Nanay Cervantes!  She sells pork in the palengke!!

Nanay Villenuava and Josefina!


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