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Chelsea - January 18, 2016


hahahahah this kid stood like that for 10 minutes
just staring at me! so funny!

Hello everyone! This week was an awesome week! I had the opportunity to go on splits with Sister Labis on Wednesday in Ilagan. It was such a good experience. She is a really good teacher and I learned a lot from her. My goal with her was to work on confidence. Sometimes, I’m not sure what to say or how I should say something for the investigators to understand. So during the day, there were two times where it was my turn to speak and I had absolutely no idea. One time was after we read about Christ suffering in the Garden of Gesthemane. After the lady read it, I was supposed to explain it. But the words were so complicated that all I really knew how to say was sobrang masakit! (really painful) But instead, I just turned to Sister Labis and she explained it. During evaluation, Sister Labis and I talked about it and she was like even though you think I can do a better job, I still want you to try. And I was like, but all I can say is sobrang masakit! And she was like then say it and I will do the rest. All the Lord asks of us is just to try even though we feel like we can’t do it. It was a really good splits and I feel like my confidence has increased. 

Jerome, Jayson, and Clarita all passed their baptismal interviews!!! Ahh!! So we have three baptisms on Saturday! I am so excited for them! And it was funny, because Clarita had a hard time remembering everything for the interview so she was kinda scared. But after the interview, she told me that everything came to her remembrance, astig siya!! 
So I had to give a talk on Sunday… not the best. Haha I was pretty scared because it had to be around 10 minutes and in pure Tagalog. But I prepared really well and asked my companion for help on a lot of words. So I got up there when it was my turn, and the Lord definitely helped me. A lot of the members said my tagalog is really good (even though I don’t believe them! Haha) One of the rm’s told me that my tagalog is super good because I was confident up there, he said that most foreigners that get up there are embarrassed of their tagalog and aren’t confident in what they are saying. It really meant a lot that he said that. But I know that it was all God helping me out with that talk. 

Lets see random stuff that happened: oh ya, I totally walked past a pig getting butchered. Like four guys were holding it down and the pig was screaming and screaming and I was like oh my gosh!!! I started to run because I did not want to see that.  Haha. The senior couple came to our apartment for an apartment check this week and lets just say it was so nice to speak English. Haha all of the rest of the sisters were super quiet hahah. But super funny, Sister Clarin told me that her last companion, an American, never spoke to her in tagalog, English lang! Haha I was like wow!! Because sister Clarin NEVER speaks English. 

Haha so funny, so we were in our farthest area last night, and it was pretty late, and we had just finished dinner with a member, and we were on the side of the road waiting for a van. Sometimes we have to wait for like 30 minutes for a van to come by since its night time. Anyways, they have these huge buses sometimes pass, and they go to like far away places like Manila, etc. And so this huge super nice bus came around the corner, (and you aren’t supposed to flag it down unless you’re traveling many hours) haha and nanay totally flags it down (she’s super spunky haha) and she bartered with the driver for three of us 25 pesos each, and he was like sure! HAHA oh nanay. But seriously though, it was so nice sitting in that nice air con bus, it’s been forever since I’ve been in a nice car like that! Usually, we are in a crowded van and I’m half outside! Haha. So ya, that’s my week!!

Love you all,

Sister Dunn

look at this huge pig!

This is pretty much what our area looks like- meadows!

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