Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Taylor - January 11, 2015

Hey fam! So Elder Johnson is from Green River, Wyoming. He is super super super insanely quiet and slightly awkward. Haha if you thought I was quiet and awkward well, you have another thing coming! Haha. He's adjusting slowly and is definitely the polar opposite of Elder Toews. With Elder Toews I didn't feel too much that I was greenie breaking him. His Spanish was great and he knew what he was doing, he was on top of it! Elder Johnson is a little different but I believe he has a lot of potential! So basically I'm really trying to help him be more bold with people and "fear no man"(by the way look up the Ricciardi letter, it's where I get that quote and it's excellent) Anyways so we are just standing at the door and I'm like "you're up man" and he introduces us and then there's just like the most awkward silence ever! So ya it's gonna be interesting but I'm excited! As well he needs to keep working on Spanish so, every day all day, espanol! I'm excited to learn from him as well though, I feel like every comp has taught me something so I'm excited for this transfer. Also, yes it's super nice to have Elder Robishaw and Elder Angulo still here. They're awesome! 
The district is doing well as well as nuestra area. We have Jason coming up for baptism this Saturday and his mom and sister are coming too so we are excited to work with them! We are still working on finding those people that have an open heart to at least give the gospel a try. I've truly realized throughout my mission how important humility is and that as the people are humble and desire to learn they will be blessed. Truly we are trying to find those who are humble and willing to learn and giving them a chance to hear of the gospel, feel of the spirit, and find out for themselves. 

Oh and mom for the exhaustion comment it's just I don't think I've ever done something so intense and that stretches you in every way for such a long time so it's just exhausting sometimes, but ya I think I'm pretty healthy but thanks!! We go running every morning and work out so that's good! 

That's awesome for Spencer.  He's gonna have a blast at sweethearts! I didn't know he was on the ski team but that's pretty cool! Speaking of cool it's actually in the 60’s here. It's amazing! By the way I don't think I can express how happy and proud I am for all the guys going out on their missions, especially Jess and Dallin. That is soooo awesome!! They will do great! 

Anyways I think that's it, oh and thanks for sending me the talk Dad that was really good. I liked it a lot! Love you guys! Stay Safe!

Elder Dunn

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