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Holli - December 28, 2015

Hello Everyone!

This week was a pretty fun week!

On our pday we did a white elephant gift exchange with all of the missionaries in our zone. I got a can of cat food and Sister Maughan got a weird assortment of things - including a potato, half a bottle of cologne, and some spare change. It was a lot of fun! Then we caroled to President's neighbors in Chinese and that was pretty awesome.

Sister Maughan was pretty sick this week so we took it a little
slower. We met this guy named Michael a few weeks ago. We were looking for a less active when we met him. He told us that missionaries used to always come to his apartment complex to visit this lady named Monica and he wondered why they had never knocked on his door. We taught him the Restoration and asked if we could come back and he said
sure. Unfortunately he wasn't there but we knocked on Monica's door and she was! She had been a pretty solid investigator at one point but then she had been taught some interesting things by the missionaries that she disagreed with. We asked if we could come by and clarify some
of her concerns and she agreed! Kind of a double Christmas miracle :)

We have so much junk food - literally the Arcadia Ward wants us to be fat! We visit this less active (Juan) fairly regularly and he gave us each a box of See's chocolates. Bro . and Sis. Card gave us huge stockings filled with various things and lots of members of the ward dropped off cute little gifts and Christmas goodies. I don't think we'll ever get through all of this junk food!

We had dinner with the Greens one night and they have three Christmas trees - one is this really pretty "formal" tree, the other has lots of family decorations, and the last one was in the dining room and it was hooked up to this little snow machine so it looked like it was snowing all over the tree. So pretty!

On Christmas Eve we had district meeting and it was awesome! Our district leader got all of us presents - I heart LA tshirts. Pretty awesome! We did some park contacting and delivered some goodies to a less active in the ward (Mari) - she loved your almond joys mom! Then we had Christmas Eve at the White's and it was so awesome! Sister Maughan and I got to be in the nativity and then sing
Christmas hymns with the family. Santa came too and brought everyone presents. It was so fun :) Then we caroled with the Chinese Sisters and that was pretty fun - we tried our hand at hymns in Chinese which was kind of tricky, but definitely a Christmas to remember :)

Christmas day we had the opportunity to visit Debby - one of our neighbors who doesn't have family or close friends nearby. We talked to her for a while. She's been through so much - but hopefully one day we'll be able to help her come closer to Christ! She gave us boxes of chocolate as a thank you gift for helping her try to fix her crooked Christmas tree - so sweet! We also had dinner at the Jensen's house
and it was way fun.

We had an amazing day yesterday. I had the opportunity to accompany Sister Christensen in the song, "Guard Him, Joseph" and then Pres. Villanueva's brother was visiting and he and his wife shared their testimonies of the church in Sacrament meeting so that was awesome! We also got to help out a bit in the primary as well - they were still
missing a pianist, so that was fun! We had a wonderful lesson with Yiwei and Brother Jensen. He's planning on coming to church next week so we're super excited about that! Then we had dinner with the Forrester's and their oldest girl is going to be baptized in May so they want us to go through the missionary lessons with her and they
are inviting one of their long time friends's boys to take the lessons with her so we are super pumped.

That was about our week from here in Arcadia! Thank you so much for all your love and support! Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years!

Love, Sister Dunn

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