Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Taylor - January 5, 2016

Hey! Sounds like you had an awesome week. Thanks for all the details! Ya sounds chilly down there. I think it actually dropped into the 70s here. We were surprised and a little cold while biking haha. 

So this week was good with some awesome miracles! We did super well at being bold and persistent! We made sure everyone we talked to knew our purpose and truly invited them unto Christ with trust that as we invited everyone to come unto Christ there would be those who would really be touched and accept. It was a little difficult at the start of the week because a lot of the people didn't want to act but then at the end of the week we found Sharry and she is super sweet and awesome! She has had some difficult things happen in her life but God is super important to her and she has been baptized in a church before but being baptized in the true church of Jesus Christ caught her attention and so we are going back on Thursday to help her understand more.  We're super excited! 

So for transfers. First of all, Elder Oaks, the apostle, is in charge of the missionary department and so now, worldwide apparently, there aren't really going to be transfer meetings. So, we got the call on Monday night. They tell us if we are going or staying, where we will be going, if we're transferring and who our companion will be. So ya everything is revealed in one call which is pretty intense. I guess we don't have to waste time doing the whole transfer meeting thing. So Elder Toews is transferring to an area called Riverside South which is an all spanish area with Elder Huggins who just got done being trained so elder Toews will have a super fun time. He will do so well and I think they are setting him up to train soon. He's just a super boss elder. I will be staying and greenie breaking again a guy named Elder Johnson who I don't know so we'll see how that goes. Elder Robishaw and Elder Angulo are both staying which surprised me but that will be fun! Sister Jackson is going home and Sister Larson transferred so they pink washed and two elders are coming in. I kinda forgot one of them but I believe that Elder Winters is one of them, and he was in my last district. So ya I have a district of elders which is sweet! 

For the zls Elder Jensen is out and Elder Adams who was a district leader in Hialeah before is the new zl with Elder Gamez. I dont know too much about elder Adams so we'll see how that goes! Elder Naea is gone after being in Key West for 5 transfers and Elder Johnson is staying with a guy coming in named Elder Miller. So ya that's how it went. 

I'm super excited for this transfer, we have Jason set for baptism on the 16th so that's exciting! I just hope to continue to do the will of the Lord! That's something I've been really trying to do, replace my will with the Lord's will and I pray for His help. When I came on my mission I thought I was in a pretty good spot, I studied the scriptures, said my prayers, graduated from seminary stuff like that, I knew I had my weaknesses but I felt pretty good. Haha the mission wakes you up a little with that, I have sooooooooooo many weaknesses! Man it's frustrating, I'm just so glad that (1) I have the Atonement in my life and can apply it daily and (2) That this is the Lord's work and not my work, haha that brings relief! 

Anyways ya so we're OYMing like crazy and working on talking to everyone that passes so that we can let the world know of the Savior and find people who are ready to change. I love this work! 

Oh another thing I realized is that I've been super exhausted lately while working so I'm trying to energize myself more by smiling constantly, praying really hard, and constantly looking outward... I'm getting there! Anyways love you guys, thanks for everything!!! Good luck on your talk Dad!! Stay safe! 

-Elder Dunn

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