Saturday, January 23, 2016

Taylor - January 19, 2016

Hey Mom and Dad!  No I wasn’t aware you guys were coming to Florida, haha have fun! By the way I think I saw a record low of 54 degrees here, man super chilly! Oh hey Dad by the way since our mission car reached 50,000 miles we traded it in, and we got a truck!!! A Chevy Colorado, it was the AP’s truck but now we have it so that's pretty nice! We are running out of miles quickly though because elder robishaw’s 800 bike got stolen and elder angulo's has been.. broken and so they've been using ours and we have no choice but to drive! Soon we’re going to be walking missionaries :) 

Jason’s baptism was great! Everything went smoothly and he loved it. He will be confirmed this Sunday! His 9 year old sister wants to be baptized and so she's on her way and the mom just keeps saying "we'll see" so I guess we'll see if we can help her progress towards baptism and further as well! We were also able to help some of our potentials come to church and they really liked it. They were even taking notes during the conference! I think sometimes they have a hard time understanding the things that we teach them but they have a strong faith in God and read the bible (and now the Book of Mormon) and want to do what’s right so we are excited for them! 

Elder Johnson is progressing and getting more comfortable talking. We just have to continue speaking Spanish every day. The words still struggle to come out in a different language but it’s going well! Key West baptized Sydney as well this week and that was exciting but now they kind of have an empty teaching pool so we will be working to help them continue to find those people that are ready! 

Wait did the dance thing happen for spencer, did he have fun? He's getting good at skiing it sounds like! I’m glad BSU is doing great and ya I bet Dad is enjoying it! Oh and Dad Happy Birthday!!!!! I will do my best to get at least a card for you birthday/Christmas/new years. It might not get there until march but I’ll send it eventually ;) Mom you got interviewed for an article. No didn’t know that either but cool! 

Oh funny story before I go, so Elder Johnson and I were knocking door and there are a lot of gates around peoples houses and they all love to have dogs. So we walked up to this gate and it said "Beware of Dog" which truly I don't even think about anymore because like every house has them and half of them are like Chihuahuas. Anyways so I didn’t see any dogs so I held the gate open for Elder Johnson(always a gentlemen ;) and he walked up the pathway to the door. Well I walked in and felt like maybe we shouldn’t and then I hear a slight jingling. Well elder Johnson was at the door by this time and I started to leave right as this big dog peeked its head around the corner, and then both of us bolted for the gate! My initial reaction was to close the gate so the dog didn’t get out, so I started to do so and realized that I would also be closing the gate on my comp who was running for his life with the dog basically on him. Oh his face was classic, it was definitely a had to be there moment. So I opened the gate and then pushed the dog back with the gate and closed it and then started busting up laughing! Haha it didn't bite elder Johnson for some reason but it sure looked like it wanted to. Anyways that sums up the story! 

Love you guys have a safe trip! 

Elder Dunn

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