Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chelsea - January 11, 2016

Hello everyone!

Not a lot to report on this week so my letter is gonna be kinda short! We've just been working a ton, teaching a ton of  lessons, finding la's etc! Jason and Jerome are doing awesome!!! Although Jerome is at school all the time, so we are kinda scared we aren’t going to finish his lessons before the baptismal interview. We are going to try to teach them every day. But seriously though, I cannot tell you how good they are. Like every question we ask them, their answers are so great and you can tell they are really studying outside of our lessons, and reading, and praying. I am so excited for their baptism in a couple weeks! 

Also we have another lady getting baptized the same day! She’s like in her 60’s and she is also super awesome. We just taught her earlier today and we were reading in the book of mormon and she just started crying because she was so touched! Our area is really progressing and I’m so honored to be a part of these investigators journey to coming closer unto christ. So yes, hopefully we will have three getting baptized on the 23rd!! 

Nothing really funny happened this week! I’m trying to think but nothing is coming to mind! It’s just been an exhausting week. Haha oh ya so we we just got done teaching and we were walking along the highway, and this car honks at us, but I just thought it was an annoying van so I didn’t look back, and then we hear hey mormon missionaries! Haha we turned around and it was President and Sister Rahlf! They let us sit in the car for like a minute and let me just say I was really enjoying that air con. And then they wanted to take a picture of us so we drove out a little bit and they took pics! That was probably the randomest thing that happened in the week! 

Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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