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Holli - January 11, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Sounds like such a fun week mom :) Great talk btw dad - totally felt the Spirit as I was reading. And way to throw mom under the bus . . . haha, I guess it was payback.

We had a very interesting week here in Arcadia!

The first two days it was pouring rain! Like literally we were wading through the streets. It was so much fun! The first day Sister Maughan didn't have an umbrella so we had to borrow one from a member so she only got partially soaked. By the end of the day though our feet and leggings were just so soaked and all of our pamphlets and pass along cards got so wet so that was an adventure. Street contacting was a bit
iffy but we are working on it! On the second day Sister Maughan decided to saran wrap her feet to keep them from getting super wet. She got the idea from watching this Chinese lady wrap her feet in plastic bags. It didn't work too well but it was funny.

Because of all the rain and flooding that occurred we had the
opportunity to talk to a couple people working on electrical wiring and such. We met this one guy who talked about how he had been to a couple different churches. We meet a lot of people who, when they're young, explore a lot of different churches and a lot of them become disenchanted with each religion so they stop going to church all together and stick with reading the bible. They then become satisfied
because they assume every religion will have things they don't agree with or feel are true and therefore none of them can be trusted. But it's cool to talk to everyone and give them a chance to accept the true gospel of Jesus Christ hoping that one day God will lead them in the right direction.

We had a district lunch this week and our district leader took us to this Japanese place - so good! But he ordered some sort of appetizer with octopus in it - it actually didn't taste that bad but it was interesting. First weird thing I've had to eat on my mission!

We had a really cool experience the other night. It was late at night and we were walking home with our bikes and we didn't know who to stop by before we went home. We paused on the sidewalk to say a prayer and then we both thought about it for a moment. I had the impression to stop by a less active named Daniel - he was baptized a few years ago when he was in high school but converted more for social reasons.
Every time we stopped by he loved having us share messages but his work is more important to him than coming to church at the moment. He can also get a little too friendly with the Sister Missionaries. I knew if I mentioned my impression to Sister Maughan she would be super 
reluctant to see him but the more I thought about it, the more right it felt to go check in on him. So I told Sister Maughan and because she hadn't received any other impression we went over. When we knocked no one answered so we decided to head home. As we were heading out Daniel was headed in so we were able to have a really good lesson with
him on repentance and then we found out he was moving to his Uncle's and would be there for a while - in fact he was leaving in only a few days so we would never have discovered that unless we had stopped by.

We had an interesting experience with a less active man named Brother Lum. The last time missionaries had stopped by was last January and every time we would call to set up an appointment he would always tell us to call again in a few months because he was super busy. We finally decided to stop by last night and he talked to us for a little bit. He
told us he had been testing us when he postponed our visits - he said that if we were true missionaries we wouldn't have cared if he told us to wait a few months, we should have showed up in the next week. He told us he had been very active at one point but that he stopped coming to church because the people at church were there more for the
social interaction than the doctrine. He also said that when he had home teachers come over he always felt they were doing it out of duty than anything instead of sincerely caring about him. So he's decided to just stop coming. He has a bible study class but he hasn't looked at the Book of Mormon in quite a while.

It was an interesting conversation. Afterwards Sister Maughan said he had totally called us out and we should have stopped by sooner. For me though it was really sad to see Brother Lum deny himself the blessings of church membership in the gospel due to his perception of the
members of the church. But that happens so often out here. I know it's been a problem for me sometimes but there's a greater purpose to why we go to church and why we serve and remain active. 

We had a wonderful lesson with Yiwei and Amanda on Saturday with a family in our ward (the Park's). Brother Park told his whole conversion story and it was an absolutely amazing story. Yiwei and Amanda also came to church and are loving the classes. They are seriously golden. It's been such a privilege to teach them.

On Saturday one of the Young Men in the ward (Cody) had his Eagle Project so we had the opportunity to help out with that. It was way fun! There's a less active in the ward who needed some help with her yard so we went to work raking leaves, clearing out trash, cutting down trees and rebuilding her fence. Most of the ward showed up to help and it was awesome - so much fun! We had another service project
at the church afterwards (we got to wash dishes) so we didn't have time for lunch. We stopped by the grocery store and bought a couple things we thought would tide us over and raced to the church. We got there to find Sister Wheeler (housing coordinator) had brought sandwiches for us. Much better than my add water kraft mac and cheese!
#tendermercies - the Lord definitely knows what we are in need of and will provide for us!

We had this super cool experience the other day. We were riding down the street and Aomi (like Naomi minus the N) was walking on the opposite side. We said hi and she said a startled hi back. I asked if she had ever seen two girls in skirts ride bikes down the road before. She said no (haha, we're kind of rare) and we started talking with her. She doesn't really believe in anything but respects everyone else
for their beliefs. We asked her a few questions and were finally able to give her a Book of Mormon. She's going away to college in a few months so we wouldn't have a much of a chance to teach her but she told us she has a really good friend who is LDS and she admires him a lot. So that was super cool!

Alright that is about it from here in Arcadia. I love you all so much.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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