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Lindsay - December 21, 2015

Our cute Charlie Brown Christmas tree with all the presents under it!  I love Christmas :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with joy, laughter and weight gain!  Haha:) Just kidding about the weight gain:) So this week has been so crazy! Saying goodbye to Sister Grange was so hard! Sister Condie and I both bawled! We were crying in front of President, and we felt so embarrassed! But I couldn't contain

On Tuesday, we had a strengthening day! We had 3 lessons planned, and they all fell through! And we had members going with us for every one of them! But it's Ok! The Lord knows what's best! That is why this week I learned
about trusting in the Lord's timing!

On Wednesday we had an awesome district meeting on service! It was so good! We watched the Mormon message "Lift" and talked about how we can better serve our companions, those we teach, and those around us. At
the end of the day, we took a member with us to see some
investigators. We tried a couple people, and then we decided to try one more investigator. He is a professional soccer player, and so his schedule is really hard for us to work with. We literally prayed that he would be home, and there was a light in his apartment! And we had a lesson with him! It was so cool!

On Thursday we met with Grace and taught her the Plan of Salvation! She is awesome, and we have worked really hard on helping her to be more comfortable with prayer. Especially in front of a group, she gets embarrassed to pray, even when she is by herself. So we have been helping her to feel more comfortable. And she has been making prayer a daily habit now! We also went with A member in the hidden valley ward
to a lesson with the Berry Family. I only will say one word to
describe what they need: Faith. Everything that we tried to teach, they didn't seem to listen. They had a lot of questions, so it went down hill from there. We tried to get the lesson on track, but it was really hard. Pretty soon the couple started talking about the Dead Sea scrolls or something, and all of the information they said to me was going over my head. The next lesson that we are planning to teach them will be the Plan of Salvation. We know that that lesson will help them
develop faith in what we are teaching. They will get there, I know it!! We then had a lesson with one of our new investigators named Hanan. The sisters in the University ward passed her off to us because they discovered that she lived in our boundaries. So we are teaching her now! She is amazing!!! She is set to get baptized on the 1st of
January, so that will be exciting!

On Friday we met with an older man named John. He is mostly blind, and he has some health struggles, but he doesn't complain! We taught him the first part of the Plan of Salvation! At the beginning of the lesson I asked him, "How does it make you feel to know that you  lived with God before this life?" The answer that he gave brought in the spirit so strongly! He said "close". He talked about how that
knowledge of Pre-mortality helps him to feel of God's love and closeness. We also talked about agency and asked how that gift of choice has helped him. He talked about how he made many terrible mistakes when he was younger, but that it helped him to learn and grow. He is such an amazing and humble man!

On Sunday, Grace and Hanan showed up for church! It was awesome, and there were so many members who were so nice and kind to them! I love our ward! Then they had a huge Christmas feast afterwards, and they were so many people there! It was awesome! We were fasting so it was really hard to not eat! So that's my week! I love you all! I hope you
all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

Sister Dunn

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