Saturday, January 2, 2016

Taylor - December 28, 2015

Hey! It was great talking with you guys on Christmas. Everything seems a little lonelier at the house but a little less hectic of a Christmas I guess! Sounds like you guys are having fun and it's snowing quite a bit down there so that's pretty awesome! 

This week was a little bit tough with investigators falling through and not a lot of people having time to listen, but that won't stop us! We are going to continue to use the basics of missionary work! We are trying to continue to use the standards of electness so those that we are working with have a true desire to come closer to Christ. We are striving to get into homes, meet the family and have a kneeling prayer so that everyone can feel of the spirit! Our district will really be working on finding as well as simple invitations to baptism.  We are also making plans to get the ward more excited for missionary work. We are going to be doing a fireside soon to encourage ward members to share the gospel with their friends! 

We had a great Christmas. We got tons of food. It's going to take us a little while to eat it all but thanks for the package. You guys are the best!! I'll try to send one by New Years haha but we'll see how it goes! 

Not tons happened this week just the Christmas conference and working hard testifying of the Savior! We are having a specialized training coming up and instead of a zone training by the zl's.   I think it will be broadcast live by some of the seventy so that should definitely be interesting. I’m excited for that! 

Transfer predictions are that Elder Toews and Elder Robishaw will be transferring and Elder Angulo and I will be staying. Thanks for all you do and all your support I love you guys and I'll try to send some pics though I really need to take a lot more! Sorry mom! 

Have a great week and Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Elder Dunn

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