Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chelsea - December 28, 2015

Baptism of Mary Rose

Sister Kibaimoa

Busania Family!! Ahh I love them!!

Belon Family!! Ahhh so sad!!

Gonzales family!

I’m being transferred!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOH!!!!! Oh man I almost cried when I read the text! A lot of us are being transferred: 4 sisters and 2 elders in our zone. I am definitely so excited for Wednesday. I hope I get a good companion haha.... 

Christmas was pretty great. On Christmas Eve, Sister Kibaimoa and I went on splits in our area. We walked about 10 miles the whole day and taught one lesson! Sobrang punted!!! Haha I was like, oh my gosh, it’s Christmas and were not even doing anything!! Haha even though it was a hard day, I really understood the real meaning of Christmas out here. I have definitely realized Jesus Christ's sacrifice for me these past couple of days. Anyways, Christmas was awesome! We skyped in the morning which was just the best!! After, we did our weekly planning and then went out! We had four lunch appointments.... oh my goodness we were all about to throw up. And we were seriously considering skipping the last appointment, but sadly, they had already prepared. We were all dying when we got home. Haha. 

On Saturday, we went with the Busanias and this American family to this school by Guribang. It was like in the middle of nowhere and all the kids spoke ilecauno so they couldn't understand me!! Haha but we played a ton of games and performed musical numbers and all that. The American family gave the school a ton of new books. After that, we went to the Busanias for lunch! Oh my goodness best lunch ever. They had pancit, apples, bananas, fried chicken, and chocolate cupcakes. I just stuffed myself haha. After that, we had to rush to the church for our baptism! It was an awesome experience :) Mary Rose was super nervous but everything worked out all right. The only thing is that she was late to church yesterday, so she has to wait a week to get confirmed. Kinda unfortunate... 

So we also had the Ward Christmas Party on Saturday. Super fun!! And oh my goodness I saw Rodel!!! I ran up to him and was like Rodel!! Namimiss kita!! Uhh I am so lucky I was able to get to see him before I left!! And then yesterday, Sister Kibaimoa and I spent the day in Guribang, because we won’t be able to go there again before I’m transferred. Lets just say it was super sad. We went and visited the Belon family and shared to them. And then nay was like sister, we will miss you. And tay was like you need to write to us always and leave a souvenier. Haha. And then I hugged nanay and shook tay's hand and I was literally holding in the tears. After we walked away, I just started bawling. They are definitely one of my favorite families in this area. I will miss them...

That’s about it this week! Tomorrow, we are going to visit all the members before I leave, and pack! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas with your families and friends! I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life, and that through it, I can become better each day. Love you!!

Sister Dunn

This is the rice field where we have to walk across to get to a house. HAHAHAH Sister Kibaimoa fell and got stuck!!

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