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Holli - January 18, 2016

Yiwei and Amanda

The "Sistrict"

Hello Everyone!

So something crazy happened this week! There's something we call an emergency transfer (there was a situation with some Sisters over in Glendora) so Sister Maughan was transferred over to Glendora yesterday. I'm staying here in Arcadia but I will be doing some crazy companion things. This week my companion is a girl in the ward ( her name is Katie; she is the Ward Mission Leader's daughter) who is
preparing to serve her mission. Next week I will be in a trio with the Chinese Sisters, covering both my ward and theirs, and then I'll be back with Sister Ausen until the end of this transfer we believe. We got the call Friday night and were pretty stunned by it - change can happen so fast! But we're both excited for the adventures ahead!

We had a pretty good week this week - I think that was the most exciting thing that happened :) We saw some cool miracles though!

We were riding down the street to visit one of the elderly ladies in our ward when the phone fell out of Sister Maughan's pocket. We didn't notice it until we had locked our bikes up and were about to go inside. Pretty scary moment because our phone is one of our best tools in missionary work. We started to head inside when this lady came
walking up to us with our phone in her hand! She said she and her cousin had seen us biking and saw the phone slip out of her bag onto the pavement so they just swiped it up real quick and followed us. It was awesome!

So we started doing something interesting to mix it up with tracting. During comp. study we will pray individually and then together about where we need to tract and then one of us will look at a map and list off 5-15 names we feel impressed to tract. Then we'll each pick 3 from that list and hope one matches up! We ended up having about 15 minutes that night to track - not tons of time - but we ran into Dominic who has a daughter who is Mormon. He is staunch Presbyterian but he told us we could come back sometime to teach him about our beliefs. It was pretty cool!

We met this guy named Roy at a bus stop one night. We were riding our bikes towards Subway to grab some dinner and the bus stop is right outside. As we rode by him and said hello he threw his hands up in the air and was like, "Please no, don't shoot me, please!" We kind of laughed and started talking to him. He told us he was a perspiring actress (um, you mean aspiring actor?) but he said he really admired
the missionaries - he had talked to lots before. Interesting

So in our area we have Arcadia High School that has about 4000 students and the majority of them are Chinese. So every day as school gets out there's this wave of kids and our district thought it would be cool to have a table with several different Books of Mormon in different languages and have the kids guess the language. If they guessed the language correctly they would get a free Book of Mormon. But if they guessed it incorrectly, they would still get a free Book
of Mormon. Haha, not very well thought out. So we tried it and maybe gave out 2 BofM's - so much peer pressure! But it was fun :)

We met this staunch Catholic the other day - his name is Henry. Missionaries had talked to his son Brian a while back so we were going to check in on him but met Henry instead. He basically explained the whole Catholic religion to us. It was pretty interesting but kind of hard at the same time because what he was explaining offered no hope or happiness - it was kind of depressing. But it was an interesting conversation!

Last night I was with the Chinese Sisters and it was pretty awesome! We had dinner at one of the member's houses - really good Chinese food! They had his weird fruit vinegar drink that is supposed to cleanse your system . . . Pretty interesting :) We also had to book it to an appointment afterwards and poor Sister Gong just learned how to
ride her bike about 7 months ago so she had a rough time. When we got to the appointment we found out her front tire had gone completely flat! No wonder she was on the struggle bus!

We helped Katie's family move today so we've had a pretty productive pday! 

That's about it from here in Arcadia! Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! Happy Birthday dad - looks/sounds like you had tons of fun! Mom, the article was super cool :) Love you guys!

Love, Sister Dunn

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