Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chelsea - November 16, 2015

Hi everyone!

This week has been pretty good! It was Sister Balaoing’s birthday yesterday! Sister Hamblin made no bake cookies! Sister K choked on them because of so much sugar and Sister Balaoing didn’t like them after the first couple bites. That was fine with me cause I was like crying as I was eating them, they were so good! 

I got sick twice this week so we called Sister Rahlf again. Basically I’m going to be on omeprazole 40 mg a day for the rest of my mission. And Plasin or something like that twice a day. She said that I don’t need to avoid eating any foods and I should be fine. Ever since I started taking them,  I’ve been doing great! 

Sister Balaoing and I are doing good. We’ve worked a lot of things out and I’m learning to just enjoy the work with her. We were able to find 18 new investigators this week! Crazy! That is something that Sister B is really good at. Just finding. She'll see someone, go up to them, sit right down, and ask to teach. Even if they are so not interested, she just will. Which is definitely not my style, but she really sees potential in everyone! Haha funniest thing. So we were teaching a lesson to five teenage boys this week and like three bugs flew into Sister Balaoing’s shirt in the middle of the lesson and they were biting her. Hahaha so I started out the lesson and when it was her turn I looked at her and she was like Sister Dunn! They’re biting me! Haha the boys were laughing so hard. She had to go inside the house and get them out. Oh man so funny!

So we started to teach our recent convert Jessa's two sisters Leah and Marlene! We also commited them to baptism and they came to church yesterday!! Ahhh we hope they follow through. It would be so great to see her whole family in the church!

Oh man, we also started to teach the de la cruz couple-tatay and nanay. They have like 6 kids. Two of them are members. One is on a mission and the other is in our ward right now. But the parents are catholic. They are super nice but oh man, hardest lesson of my life. They debated so much and the nanay is so hard hearted. They also had really hard questions to answer. Like they said they prayed about if their church is the right one, and they felt like God was with them in the room when they did. What do you say to that?! They also don’t really believe that you have to be in a certain religion to be saved. Most of the time, I was just trying to understand them. Thank goodness Sister Balaoing is a really good teacher. I was able to testify at the end, even though I didn’t really know what was going on haha. I testified that God is a God of order and that he established a way for us to return to him and the things we must do. Then I just told them to open your hearts and I also told them my experience and that I had to pray for a long time before I felt a confirmation. So ya it was okay. Sister Balaoing told me that night, that everything that she said didn’t matter, it wasn’t reaching them, but when I testified, she said that she could see both of them soften their hearts. I was like ya right?! It was nice to hear that maybe once in a while I can make a difference. 

So ya that was the week! I’ve never felt more effective here in the mission! Sister Balaoing is definitely a worker! Love you all! And thanks so much for your letters and prayers!

Sister Dunn

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