Monday, November 9, 2015

Holli - November 9, 2015

Dinner with the Mission President and his wife and kids 
(Rickie and Becky) Those rolls were the bomb by the way :) 
Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty normal - nothing too exciting happened.

We are teaching this family (the Mak's) and it's pretty slow going. We are mainly teaching Anthony who is the husband and he is struggling with the idea of a loving Heavenly Father - he is pretty atheist but he has a desire to learn about God so we are working with that! During our lesson with him though, his mom (who only speaks Chinese) was
sitting on the couch watching this Chinese movie and the volume was turned up so loud and it made it so hard to listen to the Spirit! It was this really violent Chinese movie and we were trying to teach Anthony about faith, hope, love etc. so it was pretty tough! Thankfully the movie kept glitching so it got a little better - Heavenly Father was watching out for us!

We did splits on Wednesday with two girls from the young women (Lydia and Kyara) and it was pretty cool. We walked a lot, got lost, and finally when we were walking home we got ambushed by an anti. Interesting experience for Lydia but it was fun!

The Ausen's (Brother Ausen is our Ward mission leader) are an absolutely amazing family. Most of the Ward is so geared for missionary work and it's so awesome! However the Ausen's have been traveling a lot so our work has been a bit rocky but we sat down with them yesterday and they helped us with lots of different ideas to keep the Ward fired up about missionary work.

We had exchanges Saturday and I went to Sunland with Sister Thatcher.  They’re trying this new tracting approach where we try to get people to fill out this survey and teach them the Restoration at the same time. It kind of 
worked! We knocked doors from 3-6 and finally this one lady opened to us (Nancy) and she was way sweet! She had a daughter who was LDS who had passed away pretty recently. Nancy told us growing up she would go to 
church but it never fully clicked with her. One question on the survey was, do you want to be happier then you are now? Nancy said she had never really been happy her entire life. She felt she had always been kind of depressed. Super sad - she said she's just fine staying this way - she’s 
older and tired and has kind of given up ever since her daughter died.  However she did accept a return appointment - we gave her a rundown of the Plan of Salvation so hopefully she progresses and wants to keep learning more!

We had dinner with the Villanuevas Friday night! Talk about pressure! Sister Maughan came up with an awesome spiritual thought though so it worked great! We had an awesome lesson with Yiwei last night. He is super 
smart and was a referral from Brother Jensen. We taught him about the Restoration and and the Spirit was so strong! 

Yeah, overall kind of a rougher week here in Arcadia but it's still good! This area has lots of potential - the Lord knows what He's doing, and we are enjoying to the end!

Love you all so much - thank you for your love and support!

Love, Sister Dunn

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