Monday, November 9, 2015

Chelsea - November 9, 2015

Last pic of our apartment before Sister Mariano is transferred

Transfers and new companionships

Hello everyone! 

So this week has definitely been the hardest week of my life! So first on Monday, we were able to do an FHE with the Manibog family! So Jessa is the recent convert and the mom is a less active and the dad and the rest of the kids aren’t members. (We are gonna try to teach the fam later!) Anyways, the family home evening was so great and literally, watching them all gather around the hymnbook singing families can be together forever was probably the best moment this week. Also when we told them Sister Mariano was getting transferred, Jessa almost started crying. Ahhhh its so sad!!

So good news! We were eating dinner at the Martinez family on Tuesday night and our phone starts ringing and its President Rahlf. Sister Mariano is a new Sister Training Leader!!!! Oh my goodness she was just crying and crying and I went up to her and we were just hugging and crying and I was like I’m so proud of you!! Such a sweet moment with my nanay!!

So pretty much goodbyes were the worst. I was a mess on transfer day and I couldn’t stop crying. Oh and Sister Mariano is assigned in Cauayan!!! Haha! It was like the one place she didn’t want to go to, and I totally predicted Cauayan like 2 months ago and so when the ZL read the list off and he said Sister Mariano in Cauayan she and I both just screamed and laughed haha! But I know she’s gonna be great.
So my new companion is Sister Balaoing! She is Filippina (from Bikol or something like that) and she's 27! She and Sister Mariano are total opposites so its been a bit of an adjustment. She is so energetic and loud and oh man.. its been hard. But she is such a good teacher and really good in contacting. So we are always going to have about 100 contacts a week! haha. 

So at church yesterday, we had two less actives come! One is sister Jona de la cruz. She and her family are so poor that they have to work on Sunday. But she was able to come to sacrament meeting and sunday school. I literally almost cried when I saw her. She hasn’t been to church in more than a year! So it was a miracle! 

So this has definitely been a stressful week leading the area! But its been pretty fun. Lets just say that I have never talked more Tagalog in my life haha. The gross food for this week: Balut and bread with mayo. Dont worry, I didn’t eat it. I really don’t eat any food anymore because I just throw it all up or get a super upset stomach! haha. So anyway we were at an appointment and this lady fed us balut and bread with mayo and I literally almost threw up watching them eat it.  She gave me a pear! She’s so great! 

So ya, that’s about it this week! I definitely feel like God is magnifying what little efforts I can put forth! I’m trying my best, but I obviously have limited skills, but I think that God knows this would be a hard week so he definitely made my burden light. 

Love you all!

Sister Dunn
Haha we bought marshmallows and the next day there were like a thousand ants in the package, but since we are so poor, we just ate them anyway! hhahahah

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