Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chelsea - November 2, 2015

Ian!  Siyang he’s closing his eyes! Haha he’s literally the cutest kid ever

My Batch!

Sister Mariano is being transferred…my nanay is leaving me!

Welllll...... Sister Mariano is getting transferred!! She is so excited haha. Five months in an area is kinda a long time. But you know, still sad, cause im getting a new companion and my nanay is leaving me! But it will all be good :)

So this week we had zone conference in Solano! So fun! Elder and Sister Schwitzer both spoke and so did President and Sister Rahlf (oh and Elder Schwitzer spoke at general conference) so it was pretty cool! I got to see Sister Ngkuru which was awesome! (shes my batch) and Elder Pandaog my tatay! That was super fun! One of my favorite things that was said is what makes a good missionary is a missionary who is willing to love the people. He told about a companionship in Russia. One missionary was surrounded by the members at the ward and the other was studying a russian language book. One member said that the misisonary surrounded by the members was amazing. Everyone loved him, even though his Russian was horrible. The other missionary was newer, and the members didnt really like him even though he had amazing Russian. So pretty much, even though my Tagalog is not good, I can still make connections with my investigators and the members here. So ya that was definitely revelation, ha! But oh man, on the ride home, Sister De Guzman was just throwing up, and literally, the drive to Solano is the worst. Its so windy and our driver kept stopping really abruptly... so for the next two days I was absolutely sick to my stomach. It was the worst. But Im good now! haha

So this week we were so punted. We went out on Wednesday for 8 hours, and we taught.... 2 lessons! And to members! All of our investigators didnt want us to teach them and it was the worst! And then on Sunday, same thing. But since its November 1st, all souls day, everyone is in the cemetery. So we went out for an hour, tried everyone we knew, and no one was there, so we went home and just did our studies first haha. 

So one of our investigators kids is super sick. So we visited them in the Diffun hospital. Scariest hospital of my life. Theres a ton of cats just walking around, cockroaches, spider webs, no aircon or even fans. And the poor baby. He was in so much pain, that the whole time we were there he was just screaming. The nurse was talking to us and she was saying that other countries are so lucky. They have ventilation and a lot of access to medicine. Its really sad…

So we are working with one of our new investigators, Jennifer. She's been okay to work with, she's receptive and will listen to us, but not really commited. So we recently taught her lesson 1 principle 4-6 about the true church on the earth, the apostasy, and Joseph Smith. We then asked her to pray to know these things are true. And so she asked in her prayer for the closing prayer. After her prayer, she was just crying. Super sweet :) 

So thats it for this week! Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

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