Monday, November 9, 2015

Lindsay - November 9, 2015

The Sisters at Zone Conference

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a fantastic week! This week has been awesome but crazy! Another sister from our zone had to return home early due to health reasons, so the other sister, Sister Condie is joining our companionship! So we are in a trio! It has been awesome!!! But we are also covering Pima and Hidden Valley wards! So basically we are covering 3 wards for 2 weeks! It has been crazy, but we are having So much fun together! We put our beds right next to each other so it feels like we are having a sleep over every night! Also Sister Grange likes to wrestle with me on the beds, and she always says, "you are a fighter!" She is preparing me for when I return home so I can be fit enough to wrestle Taylor and Spencer!! Haha!!! 

So here are the highlights of my week!  On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Charles! She is an amazing missionary! She is also training, so that has been a stressful thing for her. But we had so much fun together! We also had a busy day too, so that was good! We helped a member sew some Christmas PJ's for her family! She sews 32 pairs of pajamas for all her children and grandchildren! It was so fun! And of course she took a lot of pictures and sent them to our moms:) she was such a sweet lady! We also taught a little girl who has Down syndrome! She was the cutest little thing! It was just such a great experience to be in a family ward for a day! I miss that atmosphere so much! Everyone becomes your family, and they just welcome you in! Not that YSA isn't like that, but it's just different:) 

On Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with Ria! She has had two or three baptismal dates, but she has postponed baptism for some reason. But we had an awesome lesson about the spirit and we brought a newly returned missionary with us! She was awesome and the spirit was so strong! And she set a date for December 11th!!! We about exploded when we left the house! We were so happy! And Sister Grange has taught her since May so she was flipping out! 

On Thursday we had zone conferences!! I love them so much! I got to see my trainer Sister Mizell and my MTC companion! They are actually companions right now! Isn't that crazy? The thing that stuck out to me in zone conferences was how to effectively study. Sister Passey did the training and she really helped me a lot! She said, "when you study with your investigators in mind, you also study for yourself". That is something that I struggle with! It is so hard for me to study for my investigators, when I want it study for myself so I can become a better and more effective teacher! But I realized that I will become a better teacher, if I forget about myself, study for my investigators' lessons and just go out and work! 

On Friday we served lunch at the YSA dollar lunch!! So fun! Then we also had another lunch with our neighbor! And we had a big dinner that night too! So on Friday, Sister Condie joined our companionship! It has been so much fun! That night we had an awesome dinner with a family in Sister Condie's wards. They also had the elders over too! The mother was hilarious! She would just tell story after story about her job and the interesting and hilarious customers that come in every day! By the end of each story, Sister Grange and I were literally crying because we were laughing so hard. Actually when Sister Grange laughs really hard, she always cries, so I laugh even harder when she does that:) Sister Condie and the elders weren't laughing that hard so it was kind of embarrassing:) 

On Saturday we had a lesson with a former investigator! He is a professional soccer player, so he is busy a lot. But he contacted us and so we set up a lesson with him! The spirit was so strong, and we set a baptismal date! And on top of that, he came to stake conference which was amazing! After that we had a lesson with an investigator from Sister Condie's area. He acted really strange throughout the whole lesson. He had made some wrong decisions in his life, and I know that Satan was working on him. He was really fidgety and nervous, and he talked about having voices in his head, belittling him, ridiculing him etc. It was scary! By the end of the lesson, we were literally emotionally drained. It was sad because he refused all of the invitations like coming to church and even receiving a priesthood blessing! I think at this point, he doesn't trust anyone, and he is scared of everyone, and he has reached a certain point of paranoia that is destructive!  

On Sunday we enjoyed going to Stake conference! Elder Oaks was the  apostle that gave the talk! It was so good! Elder Corbridge was also one of my favorite talks! He spoke about how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will not fall, and that the adversary will not destroy it! It was so powerful! We also had a lesson with Brian and Kara! They are our favorite! They are striving so hard to put God first in there lives! Kara is getting baptized on the 21st and we are so excited about that! Before we met them, Brian was less active and Kara didn't really believe in God, but now, Kara believes in God, loves the scriptures, and they both came to church on Sunday! It's amazing! 

Well, that's my week, I love you all!! 

Sister Dunn 

Doing service on exchanges with Sister Charles

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