Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lindsay - November 16, 2015

Sister Condie, Me, and Sister Grange

Hello everyone! 

I'm doing great here in Tucson! The weather is really
nice, and it was actually 82 degrees about a week ago! The winters are so nice! But since my blood is thinning, once it got to the high 40's- 50's I have been so cold! It is so weird because that is a nice day in Boise. I'm going to die when I get home!! Haha:) 

This week was awesome but crazy! I feel like I say that every week! But we are covering 3 wards so it is really hard to have a balance with the people that we see in different wards. But it has been good! On Monday, in one of the family wards that we cover, we are teaching someone named Dana. She is an amazing person! But It has been really hard for her to quit smoking. But the other day she called us and said that at the beginning of her day, she prayed to God to help her not be
tempted to smoke, and she didn't smoke once that day! The Lord is truly amazing! 

On Tuesday we met with another of our investigators in
the YSA ward named Michael. I believe I told you about him last week, but we had an amazing lesson with him! We talked about the Restoration, and he had really good questions that put me in a position where I had to stop and think for a moment! But it's ok! His perspective on life is so unique, and he loves smiling and making people happy. He literally is just like Jesus Christ. He believes whole heartedly in being charitable. The Spirit was literally speaking to him, and he set his own baptismal date! Then what was really weird
was when he was talking to us about the gospel principles book he randomly turned to a page that talked about baptism! How cool is that! God works in mysterious ways!! 

On Wednesday Sister Grange went on exchanges, so I just stayed with Sister Condie the whole day! It was weird not to have Sister Grange with us, but we had a busy day which was good! We met with Brian and Kara who are now engaged and going to get married! Kara is so excited for her baptism, and we have loved teaching her.  This week we have also worked with other people who we are passing off to the elders. We wish we could teach all of them, but
either they aren't in YSA, or they just aren't in our area. But it has been so fun to get to know people! One of the ladies that has been in our apartment complex one day said that she was interested in learning about our religion! We were so excited to meet with her! The moment we taught her, we knew she was a solid investigator! She believes in
saying hi to everyone everyday! She is so loving, and she speaks as though she has been a member her whole life! We were so sad when we had to pass her off to the elders. But they set a baptismal date for her, and she came to church the other day! So I know that the elders will teach her well! 

On Friday we went to the Guzman's for dinner. They are the cutest old couple in the whole world! Brother Guzman is from Peru, and I told him about how my grandparents are in Lima! He was so happy to hear that! I talked to them about how they went to Machu Picchu and he was excited to hear that as well. On Sunday, we had to go on a splits because YSA ward starts at 9 and so does the family ward we cover. So I went with Sister Condie, and Sister Grange  was companions with our awesome relief society president! Sister Grange had to speak in sacrament meeting, and we totally forgot until a day before Sunday that our ward mission leader asked
us to teach gospel principles! I felt so bad that we had to go on splits! But it all worked out, and we had a great day! 

That night, we went to another couple's house for dinner. They are both returned missionaries, and the husband shared interesting missionary stories. He served in Guatamala, and apparently their prized possession is a
huge tub that they wash their clothes in, take a shower in, pretty much do everything in. They usually give this tub/sink to a woman when she gets married. So he told us that one time, they were passing these men trying to put a huge sink in the back of their car, and so they stopped and helped them. Then they went to visit someone who ended up not being there, so they headed down the road the way they came. As they were walking a lady ran out of her house and screamed saying, "my sink, my sink!!" Apparently, they had helped those men steal her sink, and they didn't know
it. Wow! 

Anyways, that is my week! I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! I know that when we focus on all of the wonderful little things in life and look at the positive, it is easier to overcome challenges in our lives! I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Dunn

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