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Holli - November 2, 2015

Me, Simoan, and the chinchilla
Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful Halloween :) Thanks for all the pics mom - they were awesome!

So we had such an explosive lesson with the Ludwig family last Monday - literally! Sister Maughan had this great idea of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as an object lesson. An egg represents us, we take a marker and scribble on it (representing sin) and then we "baptize" it in isopropyl alcohol. Then we take a liter bottle and the egg has to
get through the straight and narrow neck of the bottle to get to heaven (which is inside the bottle) so we take a match and light it in the bottle, representing the baptism of fire and the egg is supposed to be able to get sucked into the bottle.
Well . . . We forgot that the egg needed to be hard boiled, our
matches wouldn't light and the Ludwig kids literally used their entire box trying to make it work. We smashed two of their eggs trying to get it to go in and finally we just said that getting into heaven is really hard and damaging sometimes. We told the kids there was no way we could fix those sad broken eggs, but the Savior could!

It was a big service week for us! We were out doing some proselyting when we saw this guy trying to fix his bike on the side of the road. We (being the bike experts that we are) went over to offer our help. We held it still for him while he tried to fix the gears but it just didn't work. I think we may have made it worse actually, haha.

One day we had been busing it around pretty much all day. It was late at night and we got on one of the buses and the driver was like, "Hermanitas!" And he wouldn't let us pay for the ride. Then when we got off our stop was right by these sprinklers and a big puddle of water but he had us wait and he pulled forward to where it was dry. Super nice, right?

On that same night one of our members had this really scary experience happen to where she lost the hearing in one of her ears. Completely out of the blue it was gone! She's going to get a priesthood blessing and she has maybe 20% of her hearing back but the doctors don't know if she'll ever fully recover. Kind of scary but she has so much faith and is hanging in there!

Accident report for this week: I ran into two trash cans. I had seen them from a distance and I had to tell Sister Maughan something so I half turned around and the next thing I knew my bike caught both cans and they went right over! Thankfully the only thing that was injured was my pride haha :) and thank goodness those trash cans were empty!

So we had a rough lesson with one of our eternigators (Randy) - he has been investigating the church for 5 years, but honestly the missionaries and the Ward probably want it more than he does right now. He told us he doesn't know why we need the Book of Mormon because it teaches exactly what is taught in the Bible and basically he has no
desire to find out if the Book of Mormon is true. He's had a nasty life though and has come an amazingly long way I these past five years, but his trust level is pretty low, both in himself and in the Lord.

After Randy's lesson we were walking home kind of dejected when we ran into Dwayne. He was walking his girlfriend's dog and we got to talking. He is kind of a conspiracy theorist so he was talking about astronauts on the moon and Benghazi and everything and then he was talking about religion and how this world is so confusing. So we gave
him a Book of Mormon and told him a bit about what we believe. While we were talking though, I recognized his dog and asked if his girlfriend's name was Irma. We had met Irma street contacting about a month ago and had talked to her about her beliefs and she basically just wanted to find truth. Anyways, kind of a cool miracle to run into Dwayne. So Irma has the restoration pamphlet and Dwayne has the Book
of Mormon so hopefully they can find truth together! And then get married :)

We were at the Mak's house (cute Chinese family - dad has been investigating for six years) and they have a cute one year old named Cordelia. Anthony loves the church members, but whenever we talk about God he kind of veers it back to us. They love the church socially but their personal relationships with God aren't so good. The struggle
with Anthony is getting him to keep commitments like reading, praying, and coming to church. Anyways, we were talking about the Book of Mormon and little Cordelia is having a tug of war with Sister Maughan for her Book of Mormon so I pull out a soft copy and hand it to her and she held it like her favorite stuffed animal for the rest of the time. It was so funny! She got on the couch and started reading it and
then she towed it around and danced with it. We were like, it's a sign! You need to read this book!

We helped this family in Monrovia pack up and move out on Saturday. They aren't members but they are way nice. They have a chinchilla and I got to hold it. Her name is Lucy :)

Sister Maughan found this awesome talk given by President Hinckley way back in 1973 or something in which he tells a story of meeting a young Chinese naval officer. He had come to the U.S. For training or something and found out about our church and eventually decided to be baptized. President Hinckley asked this young man how his family would
react when he got home. The man said his family would cut him off and act as if he were dead. President Hinckley asked about his work. The man said he would be fired and getting another job would be nearly impossible. President Hinckley inquired if it was worth it for that young man to sacrifice all of that. The young man thought a moment and then said, "it's true isn't it?"

President Hinckley said Yes of course :)

The young man replied, "Then what else matters?"

Amazing story right? If we honestly and sincerely seek after the truth, what else matters in this life?

That's about it here from Arcadia! Hope you are all doing well and have an amazing week next week! Thank you so much for all your love and support!

Sincerely, Sister Dunn

Pics from our Ward Halloween Party:

 President and Sister Villanueva...they are in our ward!

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