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Holli - October 26, 2015

Joe's Baptism
Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty awesome! We saw a lot of less actives this week and their stories are so interesting.

Gabriella joined the church when she was young but had a terrible experience and left the church. She's super sweet - still believes in God, but she "finds her peace in the mountains". We have a really unique opportunity as missionaries to meet so many different people and yet try to meet so many different needs with the same thing - the
gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked to Gabriella and her son for a while - the Spirit was so strong - but it's so hard because the experiences she had are holding her back from the blessings she could receive.

We went to visit an older couple in the ward and they are so sweet. Brother Wheeler joined about four years ago and then Sister Wheeler has been a member her whole life. She has Alzheimer's though but it was so great visiting with them. It was so cute watching Brother Wheeler care for his wife -  he showed so much love to her!

We went to another family. The mom (Cindy) had grown up a member and her whole family was trying to get her back to church. She told us she had had a spiritually dead moment at church which she took as an answer to never come back. They are a very strong Christian family and have two really cute kids, yet she had one bad experience and let go
of the rod. Pretty tough stories but Heavenly Father continues to guide His children so I know it will all work out in the end. It's hard though, to see how much this gospel has blessed my life and to find others who turn away from it the moment an opportunity arises.

Sister Maughan and I had an awesome experience. So we were busing it home when I accidentally hit the button to stop at the wrong stop! So we got off, when Sister Maughan told me there was a reason we were getting off early. We happened to run into Rick on the walk home. He had had some really tough life experiences and had gotten into some
bad things but he recognized us as Mormons and asked if we had any pamphlets so we gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet and a Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool!

We went to this meeting for the mission president’s wife, Sister Villanueva at the library - a police safety meeting. I think we were the youngest people in the room! But it was pretty interesting! We were supposed to take notes so
she could use it for STL training.

Haha, another fun bus experience. We were waiting at the bus stop and Sister Maughan says, "Alright, Hermana, we are going to contact the first person we sit by on the bus." I was like, alright, let's do this! So we got on the bus and sat down. Unfortunately I sat down by a man who only spoke Spanish and Sister Maughan sat by someone who only
spoke Chinese. Maybe it was a sign - still trying to figure out what it meant haha.

We visit this lady named Unnati Bishwakarma - she's from India and has grown up in the Hindu religion her whole life but she recognizes the Spirit every time we come over and after about 1.5 years of continuous missionary visits is finally reading the Book of Mormon. She has two cute kids and is going through a lot of turmoil right now but it was a huge step for her finally cracking the Book of Mormon open! We are
going to try to get her on date soon :)

President Villanueva came to our district meeting on Thursday - and our DL was late! Luckily it was an amazing meeting and President is pretty easy going :) We have some new Senior missionaries in the ward (The Allens) who are from Far West Utah and they are super sweet.

We do a lot of service for Sister Vega. She has five kids and a pretty hectic, tough life. She's awesome but she never comes to church or any ward activities - until last night! We were doing service at her house and our dinner appointment was the ward Halloween party so Sister Vega had her kids all dress up and we went together. It was pretty awesome!
Then we had a lesson right afterwards in the chapel with Anthony and Vanessa - they are really awesome and they love the people in the ward but they never read their scriptures or come to church - they are just trying to understand why we are the way we are. Kind of cool.

Big news was Joe's baptism! His dad, mom, uncle and aunt came for it and they were super awesome. Joe is 6'4" and huge but he was baptized in one go! Haha, we had to fill the font and . . . . . I've never filled a font before so needless to say it was cold. But Brother Lemm and Joe survived! It was a really cool service :) The youth did a great job with the program.

Alright, that's about it here from Arcadia! I hope you are all doing well and have a wonderful week!

Sincerely, Sister Dunn

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