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Chelsea - October 19, 2015

Typhoon Lando 
The palengke (market) was destroyed!  Don’t worry, people are already selling there again right now!  Except that part is still destroyed...

The tree totally fell into the wire right outside our house

Pic of the flooding in Sister Baker’s area of Ilago

 Hello Everyone!! Wow... what a week!

So basically, I was sick Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday! Wooh! But I'm finally over it and doing good. But literally, this week was so rough. Sitting in bed all day is the worst, let me tell you... So I was so sick of sitting in bed, so on Wednesday we tried to go out. Right before going out, I was throwing up, but I was so determined that we still went out! Oh man, I was so weak but we were finally able to teach one of our investigators. It was such a beautiful lesson and after it we had to go home. But after teaching the lesson, I felt like that's what God wanted me to do that day. And He definitely gave me the strength to teach that lesson. 

So.. Typhoon! Oh man so fun! Just kidding it was kinda scary. So we got the warning earlier in the week so we were getting candles and emergency kits and all that. On Saturday it was super stormy but we went out anyway! Hahaha but seriously though, its the worst to go proselyting when there’s a typhoon coming. There is no one outside and when you try to go teach someone, they are like, "What are you doing outside? Go home! A typhoon is coming!" Hahaha pretty much the worst. But luckily we were able to teach a couple lessons. One with a 15 year old named Daniel. It was our first lesson with him. I was talking about the Atonement and we were reading in Alma 7:11-14 and I felt the spirit prompt me so much to commit him to baptism! So I did! I was so nervous but he said yes! He really is awesome in the lessons and I see so much potential in him so we are excited!

Mom, remember when you told me not to bring my blanket and jacket because it’s too hot here? Well I totally used them this week!!! It was cold here and I was so grateful I had my blanket! Also, I started boiling water for when I take a shower. Because it’s freezing... Like every time I dump a pail on me I scream, cause it’s so cold! 

Anyways, the typhoon! So it was getting super windy and rainy and kinda unsafe in the area that we were proselyting in. And then we got a text that all missionaries need to go in before it gets dark. So we went home. Oh my gosh funniest thing. So Sister Mariano and I were walking in our area. We were on this path with trees all around us. And then all of a sudden, we hear the sound of a tree falling down right behind us and we totally scream! I thought it was gonna hit us but joke, it was just like a huge leaf hahahaha. We laughed after that one.

The typhoon was so strong that night oh my gosh. Worst night ever. The power went out and I couldn’t sleep like the whole night. You could hear the rain and wind just pound on the house and I literally thought the roof of the house  next to us was gonna fly off. We almost evacuated to the church cause we didn’t know if our house was strong enough. SO LOUD! I slept maybe 3 hours…it was the worst.  I was so scared and kept waking up. Finally, it was morning and we literally just sat outside and watched the storm for like 4 hours, waiting for an update from the President. Everyone is safe in our area though! But it was just kind of a mess everywhere! We could get to Santiago to email because it is just all rice fields so no trees anywhere.  But the road from Diffun to Cordon had trees laying everywhere. The rice fields don’t seem to be flooded here but I am sure they are in other areas.  Like I sent you a pic of Sister Baker’s area Ilagan which was totally flooded. I think our area was pretty lucky.  We are inland and in a super mountainous area so we are kinda protected, but I think the elders in Madella like an hour away got hit pretty bad.  I have no idea really the damage that happened. Our apartment is right in the city and it is not a flooding zone.  But I’m sure Liwayway and Rizal are totally flooded.  We haven’t been there yet.  We are going there tonight.  Literally the roads there are just plain dirt so I’m not sure about that yet.  And yes Mom Sister Busania lives like 5 minutes walking distance from our apartment.  She is great.  She was like just call if you need us!  We have a car so we can come and get you! Please thank everyone for all their prayers!

So ya that’s about it! I hope everyone is doing good! Mom, sounds like your trip was awesome! Glad that you’re safe! Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

This pic was actually taken before the storm hit

Martinez family!

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