Monday, October 19, 2015

Holli - October 12, 2015

My new companion Sister Maughan

5 hour tarp service project

Hello Everyone!

We had quite the interesting week!

We had an awesome FHE with the Ludwhigs. Sister Ludwhig is the sweetest lady and all of the kids are awesome. We had a good lesson on how to keep the Spirit in the home and then played this skittle game
where you have to suck skittles out of a bowl with a straw. Unfortunately I completely failed at that game but the youngest kid, Gary, was blowing out rather than sucking up so by the end of the game no one wanted the very spit upon skittles. It was nasty but fun!

We were going to an appointment one night and it totally fell through and it was way up in the boonies of our area so we started the long trek down when we ran into Pati. Super sweet lady who asked if Mormons
were only allowed to be white and blond. She also has a daughter in college who she is worried about so we left her with our card, told her that anyone and everyone can join the church haha, and she told us
to drop by anytime so hopefully we will see her soon!

We ran into a sweet lady named Patricia as well. We had seen her at the church earlier that day and then later that evening we saw her waiting for a bus. Turns out she has just been returning to church and
she's had a pretty hard life so it was awesome that we got to talk with her. The trials in her life made it hard for her to want to go to church but it's awesome that she is coming back!

We did this 5 hour service project one day. Holy cow it was interesting. We had to put this tarp over an older more worn out tarp and to do that we had to climb up on roofs, use power drills, and work with lots of nails! Dad, you would of been so proud of me and my drilling skills - the other missionaries were a little nervous though haha :)

Haha, two crazy miracles happened this week. So for some reason or another we were always running late! We would be like five miles away from where we needed to be in like 5 minutes. We would be speed
walking like crazy down the sidewalk, trying to say a quick hi to everyone we passed, when off in the distance we saw a member flagging us down. The first time it was our dinner appointment and the second time it was late at night and the ward mission leader came to pick us up. I love this ward! They are so in tune with the Spirit!

We have a baptism coming up in a few weeks. His name is Joe and he is from China and he is in high school. He's just the coolest! The Chinese sisters have been teaching him but he will be baptized into
our ward and his parents are coming from China to see him baptized so that's going to be super cool!

Alright big news is transfers. So Sister Bennion is going home tomorrow and my new companion is . . . Sister Maughan (pronounced Hey Mon, like in Jamaica). She's super awesome and has only been here for a transfer so I'm finishing her training! Super excited and super nervous. Thankfully we have an awesome ward and an awesome area!

Alright that's about it from here in Arcadia! Love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week!

Sister Dunn 

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