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Lindsay - October 12, 2015

Kelly's Baptism
Hi Everyone! I love all of you! I hope your week was awesome!

Transfer calls were on Saturday and I am staying in YSA 2nd with Sister Grange!
I'm so excited! Especially since we were pink washing, I feel like we
need to stay another transfer, just so we can get used to the area

So this week was so stressful, but amazing! We had a baptism
planned for one of our investigators. Oh my gosh, Satan was really
working on our investigator as well as Sister Grange and I.  We
literally were just so irritated, and stressed out to the point of
breaking! It was so crazy! Satan's power is real, and we learned so
much from that experience! We knew that Satan didn't want us to have
the spirit with us, and he knew that we were a bit stressed out. He
made it seem so much worse in our minds!  We prayed multiple times and
just worked our way through weekly planning and we made it! We were so
happy by the end of the week! After that experience, we talked to each
other and said what even happened? It was crazy!!

On Tuesday, we went on exchanges! I exchanged with Sister Condie who
has been out for a month and a half. She is so sweet, and I had so
much fun with her! We had a goal of passing out 3 copies of the Book
of Mormon! And I was so scared to do it! But I told myself that I had
to be a good example to Sister Condie, and just take an act of faith!
:) So, during the day, there was a HUGE monsoon storm!! It got so bad
that it literally started hailing..... In Arizona!! We couldn't see
anything outside our window, so we slowed down to 5 mph. But we made
it to the apartment complex where we would try a potential
investigator! We knocked on his door and no one answered. Right then
and there I saw two people sitting outside smoking. I told myself, "ok
Sister Dunn, here is an opportunity! So I said to Sister Condie that
we should talk to them. Then she said, "I'm such a wimp!" And so I
said, "Well, let's go then!" So we went!!! They didn't seem super
interested, but they said they would read it! So you never know!

Then right after that we talked to another lady, and her bus came so we
barely got her to accept a copy! Whoo!! It wasn't perfect, and I'm
pretty sure it was a little awkward, but we faced our fears and we
felt so good after!!!  We had an awesome day of meeting and teaching people, and I knew that the Lord helped us and provided a way for us to have success because we acted in faith!

On Wednesday we had Zone meeting! It was honestly amazing! Something that our district leader said really helped me. He was talking about prophets, and how
we need to proclaim the truth of the prophets to everyone we talk to.
He said, "I'm sick and tired of Satan deceiving people". We literally
are called to serve the Lord whether we be members or missionaries! We
all have a part to play in God's plan and we can help others find the
gospel that we have!

We also had another exchange on that day too! I went with Sister Walter to the Vail Area! She is an awesome sister! That night we taught the Priests of the family ward about missionary work. We talked about the priesthood and how it such a sacred calling. The spirit was so strong, and I know that they all will be great missionaries!

The next day, Sister Walter and  I were going to try some potentials when we saw a man down the road trying to flag down 2 cars. We turned around and pulled over and asked if he was ok. He was off roading, and got stuck! So we called a lot of ward members to come out and help us. While we were waiting for them, we talked to him a little bit and eventually we brought up the Book of Mormon! He has talked with missionaries and he knows the church, but he hadn't
received a copy of the Book of Mormon! So we gave him one and he said
he would read it! Then the members came and helped him! He told us
that we had saved his life! It was awesome, and an experience we won't
ever forget!

On that same day after we exchanged, we went to a less
actives apartment and his girlfriend was there! She doesn't know if
God is real and so it is really hard to help her know that God exists.
But she is really open with us, and we see a lot of potential in her!

On Friday we attended Kelly's baptism! She had me say the opening
prayer which was awesome! It was a great service, and many people came
to support her. After her baptism she said "I feel so clean!" It was

So those are the highlights from my week! I am so glad to be
here in Arizona! Being called to serve as a missionary is hard, and
the Lord stretches you. But it is so rewarding, and the blessings that
come are amazing! I am so happy! The church is true! I love you all,
have a great week!!!


Sister Dunn

Sister Grange and I

About to go on a hike

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