Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Taylor - October 26, 2015

Hey Family!  Ya, sorry about not describing the picture I sent last week.  I decided to leave you hanging! So the sisters have been working with most of those people for a while and the baptisms kinda ended up being on the same day! Yes I believe there were 3 children of record getting baptized so that was good! Sister Mahterian is a really good missionary that just really works hard and is super good at missionary work! She is training the other missionary Sister Hutchinson who is pretty boss as well. And yes, I've given quite a few baptisimal interviews now. It's always a different experience to do it with the younger kids, the interviews are a little more...simple, but it's also really cool to see kids take that step of faith! I actually can't interview Domingo technically because he's my investigator and I've taught him but the ZL's couldn't speak Spanish so I translated. Ya he's not too hard to understand. Cubans in general though are a lot harder to understand than other Latins. 

Ya I was a little bummed about handing those investigators we found off, but hey it happens.  As long is they come unto the waters of baptism and progress I'm happy.  Though yes it would be great to baptize them! The other elders haven't been able to get into contact with Marco and Maribel for a while so I don’t know what’s going on with that.  They might drop them, dang. Venus wants to come to church and get baptized but Isidro is just kinda having a tough time, and kinda holding her back apparently, so ya a difficult situation.  We'll see what happens! 

The District Training went alright.  I wanted to improve on getting new investigators to progress, but it kinda turned into a testimony meeting which was great and super spiritual.  You strive to DPA (Doctrine, Principal, Application) when you are preparing for DT's and I just can't seem to get the hang of it. A big weakness of mine is DT's but I'm trying to do better! 

This week was tough success wise. We had a lot of spiritual experiences and people loved the prayers that we shared but not many people had time to listen to a message or come to church unfortunately. We saw some nice tender mercies though! We ran into this one lady who invited us in and gave us juice, cinnamon bread, and a mango nectar drink.  She was super nice and she loved the prayer and has met missionaries before! Hopefully we can get back in touch with her but she works 6 days a week, so I gave her the church invitation and invited her to come check it out! 

We also got a referral from the Boynton Beach sisters for a part member family so we are excited to go see them! We are working on being exactly obedient even on the little things as well as utilizing the members more! 

Oh ya fun experience, found out I had bed bugs this week. I was getting bitten like everywhere, especially my feet and elbows and we couldn't figure out what is was. Then we found a bed bug on the mattress and so we took out the box spring matress and underneath the box spring there was a ton, so ya I was getting eaten alive! So yep I have a nice comfy bed of couch cushions which is actually not that bad! 

This last week we had la noche de hispanidad (spanish culture night) and it was huge and super fun and a lot of non-members came. There were tons of booths representing tons of Latin american countries like: Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Honduras, Dominican republic, El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, and Colombia.  We did a little booth for America and passed out missionary stuff too! 

So ya we hope to improve and grow this coming week.  We were definitely humbled this week! Oh man Thanksgiving is going to be super fun in Pocatello.  You guys are going to have a blast, and man the Christmas music already for your piano students Mom?  Time flies! And the pics of those grapes looked so good. Haha save some grape juice for me! Thanks for the emails, love you guys!

Elder Dunn

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