Monday, October 19, 2015

Chelsea - October 12, 2015

Brother Ben, Renabeth, Alvin, Elcid, Rodel, and Dominic!

RODEL! And his parents and Dominic, our ward mission leader

Well.... the baptism went through! Oh my gulay though, you will not believe everything that happened. So first we show up, and Rodel is at the church. But his parents aren't there. He told us that he usually doesn't bring his parents to these things. Haha we were like, go get them! Then Elcid shows up and oh man, kawawa siya! So he had pink eye and he took some ibuprofen and his whole face just swelled up. He was miserable. I felt so bad for him. Haha you will see it in the pictures. And then oh my goodness, during their confirmations, Elder Pandaog who was confirming them, his cellphone went off in two of the blessings! Haha it was so bad!!! Pero, the baptisms were really great, and Elder Pandaog gave such beautiful blessings to these kids! We now have four more people added into the church!! Our area is doing great!! 

We got two new sisters in the area! Sister Hamblin and Sister Kibaimoa from Caribas! They are so great! We got to show them the area and help them get to know everyone. It was sad though..saying goodbye to the people that we love over there like tatay belon! But anyways, they are doing awesome! And it's been so fun having four sisters in the apartment! 

General conference was great! Favorite talk: definitely Lawrence. Look it up people! So many things to work on though! I'm so overwhelmed! hahaha. Hey, soo the language is getting better! I mean I'm still bad at speaking and I struggle major, but I'm starting to understand a lot and sister Mariano said I'm doing super good! So I'll take that! 

Anyways sorry it’s so short I don’t have much time this week. That's about it for this week. Love you all!

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