Monday, October 19, 2015

Chelsea - October 5, 2015

Sis and I!

Rainy day in Liwayay

The mansion in Liwayay. We tried to contact them.  The gate was locked. 
We couldn’t even get in haha. And this is the only house like this. 

Magandang hapon sa inyo lahat!

So.. Rodel was stuck in Manila this week so we had to postpone his baptism. But the good news is that we have four baptisms this Tuesday! Rodel, Renabeth, Alvin, Elcid! Ahhh its gonna be amazing!!

So in zone conference, President Rahlf told us to stop going to the little shacks in villages and start knocking on the rich people's doors. Haha basically no one does, because it can be the biggest rejection. So Sister Mariano and I took the challenge! So we were walking up to this nice house and we were almost to the door and these huge bear like dogs came bounding down. My first reaction: I ran as fast as I could and got out of there. Haha so stupid. Thankfully Sister Mariano didn't do that or we would have gotten bitten. So house number 1: fail! So the next house we tried was in Liwayway. It is the biggest house I have ever seen and so nice. I’m pretty sure an American lives there. So we walked up to the gate and screamed TAO PO! like a million times. no answer.. haha we tried President Rahlf!

EXCITING NEWS! We are getting two new sisters in Diffun!!!!! Finally! Our area is so big and we have been needing these two sisters. And guess who’s coming?? Sister Hamblin!!!! Ahhh! She's the American I went on splits with in Santiago and I just love her! She’s also training a Caribas girl!! And guess what!! Sister Mariano is not getting transferred!! WOOO! So it’s gonna be so fun in our apartment with the four of us now! We are stoked!

So this week, I have really felt myself grow in terms of discernment and the spirit in lessons. So we went to this one lady that we haven’t taught in months. I do not like teaching her because she’s so hard hearted and she smokes and she just looks like she doesn’t care. But for some reason, Sister Mariano and I were just so drawn to their house, even though we were both trying to avoid it haha. But the lesson was so good. We talked about the choice to be happy. And I was able to share my experience on this mission and choosing to be happy. I told her that sometimes I don’t want to go out and teach, I can’t understand very well, I can’t speak very well. But then I told her that I have found that the key to happiness is when I forget about myself and just love everyone and share the gospel. I think it really touched her. She didn’t commit to coming to church or anything, but I am just grateful she was able to feel the spirit, cause I think its been a long time since she has. That’s about it for this week! Love you all! 

Sister Dunn
Aglipay Caves. It’s about an hour from where we live. So sketchy. We had to climb through like the smallest holes to get in some caves. I don’t even know how Elder Tierata fit haha. I think in America, this cave would be blocked out cause it’s so dangerous haha. 

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