Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chelsea - October 26, 2015

Hey everyone! 

So typhoon update, my companion Sister Mariano didn’t hear from her family last week. Their area got hit hard and on the news, the water was up to all the roofs and so she was kinda freaking out. But she just heard from them and they are okay! Also, the chapel in Ilagan, the whole first floor flooded. Also one of our la's, their huge tree in their yard totally fell and it barely missed their house. Super scary! Ya some areas in the Philippines are totally flooded. On the news people are just floating and wading through the water but everyone's happy that they got caught on video camera which just shows how awesome the filipino people are haha.

So on Wednesday, we worked our hardest and were able to get 9 lessons! That’s a record for us!  Also we had splits on Thursday. I was with Sister De Guzman. She is such a magaling teacher oh my goodness, she goes right according to the need and not the lesson. Definitely hard for me to follow, but it was cool to pick up some new teaching techniques. And so one of my personal goals on splits was contacting. So she really pushed me. Everyone we came across she was like, "Sige na! Contact them!" Haha like everyone! It was so hard and I hated it. But after that day, I definitely felt more confident with contacting. 

So... We got in a tricy crash!!!! So scary!!! Okay, so we were in Rizal purok 3 and it was so far from the other purok. So we had to walk about 30 minutes just to get there. So when we got there we did some contacting, and then we had to walk all the way back. But we were so tired and we saw a tricy coming so we flagged him down. A nanay was in the inside and so sis and I rode on the back of the motorcycle. Well the tricy driver was totally drunk, but we didnt know that. So we were driving along super fast and all of a sudden he starts driving off to the side, and the tricie totally tips over and we fall in this ditch thing. So scary! And the nanay inside.. kawawa siya! I think her body totally just hit against the tricy, she came out and she was just bleeding everywhere. We didn’t get hurt! Such a miracle! But oh man, the next day we were so sore. It was scary!! 

Haha funniest thing. So it’s saturday night, and it’s dark and we are in rizal. And we are walking and I see this American guy and so we go up and talk to him and this filipino lady. It’s Randy Hartman!!! He was in our area book and it said he owned a restaurant and we tried to look for him but no one knew... but we found him!!  He’s from Wisconsin and he’s been here for 3 years but he misses America so bad. His wife said he’s very picky and that he has to go to manila just to get bratts and hormel chili. Hahahaha I laughed at that one. So after we said goodbye, a little bit later, their car drove by and they offered us a ride to bonifacio. O my gosh it was so nice to be in an aircon car.. ahhhhh! 

So here in the markets you bargain for the things you buy but because I am American everyone charges us more.  Sister Mariano said it is a disadvantage of having an American companion and she tries to hide me whenever we go shopping.  Haha sad story. So we were just walking or something, and you constantly hear pigs squealing like all the time. And sis was like, ya they are killing that pig. Then she told me how they do it. She was like, they pour hot boiling water on them to kill it. I was almost crying! I was like that’s so inhumane! Isn’t there a better way? I was so mad. 

I haven’t been sick for one week! Record! Its been amazing! I think I’m just sensitive to everything I eat over here. So if it looks like it’s gonna make me sick, sister mariano explains to people that I can’t eat it. And yes living with the other two sisters now is fun! They are both super great! We all get along good too! 

Well I am doing good.  Struggling everyday but I think that the major thing I’ve learned here is that that’s ok.  Sister Mariano says I am doing good, but I still don’t get this language and I don’t feel like I connect with people very well. But if I was really good out here, I wouldn’t have anything to strive for.  Not being good and struggling hard teaches me patience, endurance, humility and all the Christlike characteristics.  So really, my goal for myself as a person here is to become the most like Christ that I can.  And this is the best time to do it.  Not a lot of temptations and my job is spreading His word.  Pretty good environment to learn to become like Christ, eh?!  And I really feel like God is pushing me to become more like him.  Even though I am shy—he compels me to be bold.  If I’m lazy one day, he pushes me until I’m exhausted.  God is constantly jerking me out of my comfort zone time and time again.  But it’s because he loves me and wants me to become as strong as I can be.  So ya I guess that’s what I’ve learned out here so far.

Thats about it! We have a ton of new investigators we are working with and it’s been great. We also committed one of our investigators to baptism and she said yes. So definitely a lot of progress in our area. Love you all! Thanks so much for your prayers!

Sister Dunn

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