Monday, October 19, 2015

Taylor - October 12, 2015

Hey! So this week was a good week! We were able to stay in contact and continue teaching Marco y Maribel and Venus y Isidro and they both came to church this week so that's super exciting. We want to make sure we're super bold with setting dates, especially as we follow the spirit, we are meeting with both of them tonight with our ward mission leader so we are excited! 

We were able to plan a lot more effectively this week which led to a lot more success but of course we are still working to become even better at it! We were able to continually grow the teaching pool this week and were able to talk to a lot of people! Some of the discussions were a little too deep for me though, I can't really go very deep in Spanish and then they start using words I don't know, I definitely need to work more on my Spanish!  

We are really working on getting more members out with us and making sure that at door approaches, we do better at tying their desires to the special truths of the gospel that will touch their hearts. To do that, we need to constantly be in-tune with the spirit which is something we will continuously strive for this week! We had president interviews this week and he definitely stressed that to all of us in our interviews. Oh and apparently I'm helping Elder Keys really well with Spanish because Pres. was impressed. Hooray! 

Oh for zone training this week they talked a lot about the Idaho Initiative. Apparently Idaho's numbers in attendance and a bunch of other things went up as they applied the Idaho Initiative in the wards. So ya now a lot of other places are going to be using it so ya a little bit of Idaho pride there!! 

Also for Zone Training they made what they called the "Giddy Up Plan." Elder Kwon and Elder Mason are geniuses! Basically they just outlined missionary work in a more simple way, it's pretty cool! 

Oh ya sorry I forgot to say that I'm staying and going to finish training Elder Keys. Elder Kwon is transferring and Hermana Morrow in the district is transferring. So we will see who will come in! 

Oh haha funny story this week some guy tried to convince us that the world was flat! He definitely believed in God but he said the government was hiding the fact that the world was flat and that the earth drops off in like Antarctica, and apparently the government is protecting the border and will not let anyone pass.  He was going into way sciency stuff! Instead of arguing against him I just asked him some questions and learned a lot. He didn't have many reliable sources but google haha but we actually left on a good note. It’s just so interesting to see people's perspectives on things. 
Anyways, good week though, we're excited for the weeks to come! Love you guys! Stay safe and have a good week!

Elder Dunn

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