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Holli - October 19, 2015

Sister Maughan and the peacocks.  Peacocks are to
California as squirrels are to Idaho!
Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well and the week was good!

Man it's been a week full of miracles that's for sure! We met Melissa last pday - she was lost and needed some help figuring out where this restaurant was. Haha, she came to the wrong missionaries but thankfully we had our maps. We pulled it up and then walked with her to the restaurant. Come to find out she is from Bangladesh which is awesome and she readily accepted our invitation to learn more about
the gospel. She's going through a lot right now so it was cool to help her out spiritually and literally.

Our other crazy miracle happened last night. We were sitting at this bus stop for about 45 minutes waiting for the last bus of the night. Thank goodness it came! We got off at our stop and saw two ladies looking kind of frantic near the intersection. We noticed one was holding her contact and on the phone with someone so we asked her friend if she needed contact solution. Because we were close by we
sprinted to grab some (something I would not recommend in a skirt) and they were very grateful. They asked who we were and we told them we were missionaries with a unique message about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Laura (one of the ladies) asked, "So what's this unique message?" I've never had anyone ask that question before but it was so
exhilarating! We gave them a run down of the restoration and Laura said that it was a great message and that she wanted to have us speak at her work sometime and to her bible study group. So we'll see where that goes :)

Interesting learning/testimony building experience this week. We were sitting at another bus stop waiting for the bus, and there was this guy on the bench and we could tell he was kind of coming out of a "drunken stupor" . We finally got his attention so I asked if he was ok. He asked if we were Mormons and then started trying to explain to us how our religion wasn't true. It was so sad because he couldn't
hardly make a coherent sentence and we could tell Satan had a strong hold over him. So sad! Sister Maughan and I laughed because we were politely listening to him ramble about being a psychology major and truth and then he would randomly say, "You have really beautiful eyes, but they don't mean nothing." He said that like five times - kind of
creepy. Thank goodness the bus came but that was an interesting turn to our day.

We were street contacting and we ran across this guy named John who has talked to the Sisters before. He kind of just likes to talk but he did tell us we were more beautiful on the inside than on the out. Sister Maughan said she couldn't figure out if that was a compliment or not :) . We ran into John by the dumpsters again yesterday and I saw this big black garbage bag by him so I grabbed the bag and dumped
it in the dumpster with a big smile. He kind of looked at me and I noticed he was grabbing a water bottle from the dumpster. Haha, he was collecting recycling for money. Oops! As Sister Bennion would say, "Soak in the awkward!" So I helped him grab a few more water jugs from the dumpster and we went on our way!

We tried our potential investigator Pati who lives really high up in our area again. We knocked on her door and she invited us in and fed us pie! We talked a little bit about the challenges she was facing. Don't know if she is interested in learning more but we'll keep trying!

One last miracle was we were walking down the street and noticed a Chinese pass along card just sitting there. Sister Maughan picked it up and stuck it in her bag just in case. Later in the week we were trying to find a potential and we happened upon a small Chinese family (Lisa, Leo, and Andrew) so we used the Chinese pass along card and
told them about the Chinese missionaries so that was cool!

We had a Church tour with Yiwei (E-way) and Amanda and it was pretty awesome. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and miracle of all miracles, a baptism was going on right as we were showing them around. So Amanda got to see the baptism and we asked them about what they felt in the church. Amanda said it felt peaceful and then she asked
how she could feel like this more in her life. It was so great!

Joe is getting baptized Sunday and it's going to be crazy! But we are excited! Because Joe is 17, our ward is trying to have the youth take charge which is interesting but hopefully works!

We ran into this guy named Brick the other day. He was telling us how his Jehovah Witness friend was trying to convert him, but Brick had all these questions that his friend couldn't answer. Brick said he liked to give all religions a fair shot, hear what they have to say. We asked him if he would like to learn more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He said no. Haha, we were like, ooohkay.

Sister Maughan and I were talking about the parable of the sower this week. We were talking about how truly merciful our Heavenly Father is. He allows His children to hear his word, but he keeps His word from some so they won't be harshly condemned at he last day. If they don't know the greater light, they can't sin against it. It was really cool as
we were applying it to missionary work. Those who refuse to listen to us won't be blessed and truly happy but they also won't be harshly condemned in the last days because they really didn't know much better.

Anyways, that's about all from here in Arcadia! Hope you are all doing well and have a great week! Thank you all for your love and support :)

Love, Sister Dunn

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