Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Taylor - October 19, 2015

Elder Keys, Domingo and his wife, and me

Hola mis padres! Como estan? Sounds like you had a super awesome trip to Peru Mom. Wow the details almost overwhelmed me ;) haha jk love you mom! 

So, this transfer was quite a big one with new elders in the house/area! Elder Sandoval and Elder Winters really hit the ground running. The investigators that we gave them are progressing well. The new Elders have definitely been bold, have gained the wards trust quickly, and they're full of energy! Elder Keys and I did well this last week with an awesome member referral from Hermano Davila.  I believe I told you guys about Domingo, but he had been to church a few times and his wife is a member.  He was just waiting to come unto the waters of Christ.  We're so excited for Domingo as he continues to progress towards getting sealed in the temple with his wife and family! We really are getting the ward fired up for missionary work and they are ready for more as they saw Domingo's baptism.  We are excited for the coming weeks! 

The house is a little crazy haha.  We are sharing one bathroom and shower so that's wonderful haha. Oh well it's not that bad. Oh ya if you didn't catch it already, Elder Sandoval was my greenie breaker. Elder Winters is from Alabama and he has almost a year in the mission and he's really cool as well! We will send pics later in the week! The APs are coming to my District Training this week so that will be really fun. I better make it good haha! Oh ya we have car share in the area now so maybe I can get a little less fat! :) Oh ya and the West Palm sisters did really well and brought a ton of people unto the waters of baptism this week. I will send you the pics! 

Umm well I believe that's all for this week! Love you guys! 

Elder Dunn

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