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Lindsay - October 5, 2015

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Hey Everyone!!

I hope you all had a great week and that you enjoyed General Conference! I love when the prophets speak to us! The spirit is so strong at every session! General Conference was amazing! As a missionary, I know that we cling to what the prophets have to say! We need all the help and guidance we can get! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was magnificent as usual! I get chills on every song they sing! I miss our traditions of watching conference as a family! But I am so glad that I get to experience conference here in Tucson! Sister Grange is an enthusiastic and hyper person at conference! She would just randomly put her arm around my shoulder and squeeze and say, "I am so happy, I love General Conference!" or "Aren't you so excited?" She is awesome, I just love her! I took a specific question to conference, and really didn't expect an answer right away. It came in the first talk by President Utchdorf! I LOVED how he talked about simplifying things! Because I complicate things, and make them more stressful than I should! So I was so grateful that I received my answer! We watched all of the sessions at the East Stake Center, and we went early on Sunday to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing! It was awesome!

So here are the highlights of my week! So on Tuesday, I asked an investigator to be baptized for the FIRST time!! Ahhhhh!! It was awesome! Sister Grange kind of gave me a cue to go and ask, so I am thankful that she did that! His name was Justin, and he had been through a lot in his life! He wanted to have a clean slate, and we told him through Jesus Christ and his gospel, you can be made clean!
We also met with a member in the ward named Yazmin. She has a boyfriend who is a convert to the church, and she converted him! They told us their story, and it was a simple invitation to church that made the difference! He is such a solid and sweet guy, and even before he became a member, he was a guy with good moral standards and values. I love member missionary work! Yazmin is an amazing example of being kind to everyone! She is so happy and enthusiastic! She doesn't push the gospel on anyone, and she casually brings up the gospel and wants everyone to be happy! We really want her to be a ward missionary!

On Wednesday we had a tough day! We tried potentials all day, and we were just praying to talk to someone! Sister Grange and I were coming back from trying someone when we met a guy named Marco. He was painting a gate outside in the parking lot. She wanted me to start the street contact which wasn't a good idea. I was so awkward! Out of all the things I could have said I chose to say, "So are you painting a lot today?" ughhhhh:) But it progressively got better and we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon! He told us that he respects us and knows that what we do everyday is good. We set up a time to meet with him and his children on Monday!! That was definitely a miracle!

On Thursday we went on exchanges. I was with Sister Charles in our area! She was amazing! Something happened that night that was amazing! We were just randomly walking in a parking lot surrounding an apartment complex. Then a guy passes us and says, "Hello sisters!" We asked if he had seen missionaries around, and he said that he had. We talked a little bit about the Book of Mormon and he said that he had read a little bit and liked our good moral standards and values. We didn't give him anything, not our number, a pamphlet or anything! Even though he said that he had a Book of Mormon! So we repented to Heavenly Father:) And we pleaded to meet him again! After 20 minutes of searching we went to our car. We were about to leave when we see their whole family (excluding the husband), walking down the street!! We totally freaked out and talked to them and ended up giving them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet with our number!! God is so good!

On Friday, Sister Grange had to go to a Mission Leadership Conference so I went to Sister Adam’s area!!!! (the Sister that was in my MTC district). It was awesome to be with her for half a day! We just vented to each other about missionary life and different things, and we felt so much better! We were totally struggling with the same things, and Sister Adams said that she felt like a weight had been lifted just by talking to me! :) We first went to do service at a community kitchen and it was so fun! Then we went back home to do some studies and then we went to dollar lunch. Dollar lunch is an activity for the Young Single Adults and everyone is invited! You pay a dollar and you get lunch! As missionaries we serve the food, and we get to know everyone! It is awesome!

We went to visit a less active in our ward named Michelle on Sunday. We had visited her before and found out that her mother was a member but converted to Islam later in her life. So that really took a toll on Michelle and she fell away from the church. It also effected her whole family. So when we went to visit her before, her mother was kind of angry that we stopped by. So we met at the park the next time because her mother didn't want us in her home. So we stopped by Sunday and brought a little loaf of bread for her because Michelle had been in the hospital because of a bladder infection. When we were talking to her on the doorstep, her mother came and asked if we wanted some tacos! We of course accepted the invitation and she fed us! Then Michelle's mother went into a bedroom to pray. Michelle explained to us that she told her mom, "I have respected your religion, and I even teach my younger siblings to. So why do you disrespect my religion?" She didn't think anything would come from it until that moment where we sat in her home and ate tacos! We got to know her cute siblings, and we prayed to end the night. The mother came in before we were going to say the prayer and asked the little ones to be quiet because we were going to say a prayer! It was a miracle! Her heart was truly softened! 

Things are great with Sister Grange. We are literally like sisters! We have had our bumpy roads but we are as close as sisters!  I am learning so much, and I have been stretched by the Lord! It has been extremely hard, but the Lord knows me and I know that he is strengthening me! I know that he is preparing me for the future of my mission! I want you to know that I am in the Lord's hands and that he is protecting and guiding me. I feel of his presence every day, and Sister Grange has been the person that has also pushed me to become the confident missionary that God wants me to be!  So that was my week! Thank you to everyone for your love and support! I couldn't do this without you! 

Sister Dunn

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