Monday, October 19, 2015

Taylor - October 5, 2015

So this week was a good week and we were definitely able to find some cool people! We found a super cool family of 4 who are excited to learn more about the gospel! It's Vilma her two daughters and a son. The husband is still in Honduras. They are super cool! They didn't know too much about prayer or anything so she was asking me if they had to like recite something during the prayer. It was kinda funny! They loved hearing about the restoration. We're excited to get them to church. One of the daughters loves Harry Potter. She says it with a hilarious latin accent! We also found another couple, Marco and Maribel from Honduras. We were surprised they were from Honduras because the guy was straight up black! Maribel is a little more religious and grew up in the Catholic faith but Marco kinda just does his own thing, but they really liked the prayer and I can tell they felt something different when we meet with them so we are excited to continue to teach them. 

Conference was awesome this week.  I learned so much and sometimes feel a little overwhelmed because of the billions of things that I need to work on but it was awesome! The main things I got from it was that I need to use prayer even more powerfully,  not just in my work as a missionary but as a son of God. I need to ask the Lord what I am doing well and what I yet lack. I need to constantly be in tune to the spirit and look for it more. As well, I need to teach simply and clearly, as Elder Uchtdorf taught we need to simplify the gospel. I learned the mothers are awesome ;), love you Mom :) and I need to continue to work on all my Christlike attributes. I need to let his atonement take a part in my life and take even the smallest burdens away. So ya it was super good! 

The Spooky bash with our zone is actually today and we are carving pumpkins and playing smash face and dressing up so it will be fun!  You asked about transfers, especially for Elders they usually keep the greenies and their trainers together for a couple of transfers. 

Oh and ya mom my comp is pretty chill and doesn’t feel too much stress. For me being DL it's just typical missionary stresses and as well I want to be an example to others and when the area isn't doing so great I feel bad. But that's alright it happens. I just keep pressing forward. 

I'm glad that Stan is doing a lot better, his circumstances and perspective definitely changed! Also I'm glad Corey is recovering. He is a tough guy! Have fun in Peru mom, stay safe and you're gonna love it! Sounds like Spence is having an awesome time with his friends and ya I'm super glad he's with a good group! 

Umm well not much else happened this week, sorry I couldn't be too detailed but I kinda have to go! I love you guys though! Oh and tell Grandpa Dunn thanks for the letter. I love him, though he's too nice! 

See ya later!

Elder Dunn

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