Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lindsay - October 19, 2015

The sunsets are so beautiful here in Arizona!

Hello Everyone! I miss you all! I hope and pray that you had a great week! Here are the highlights!   :)

On Tuesday we had breakfast with our recent convert Kelly! She made these pancakes that were amazing! She put nutmeg and cinnamon in the pancakes and made cooked cinnamon apples to go with it! Sooo good!!! We have been helping her to prepare for her confirmation on Sunday, so we talked about the Christlike attributes. She is such an amazing girl, and she would be such a great ward missionary for sure!

On Wednesday we had District meeting! Guess what??? Sister Chandler from my MTC district is in my zone!!! We totally flipped out when we saw each other! And I figured out that Sister Chandler and Sister Stebar are in our district! They are my absolute favorite sister missionaries! ( besides my companion Sister Grange:) In district meeting we talked about receiving revelation through church. It was awesome! We also visited Kelly again and watched the Restoration movie about Joseph Smith. It was amazing! And Kelly said that it was awful because she didn't know that everyone had been persecuted. But she expressed to us that Joseph Smith could have easily backed out of it and said that he was done. But he sacrificed so much because he KNEW it was true. And no one would go through something like that if they didn't know that it was true. And it was was worth it to go through so much pain and suffering to restore Christ's church so that we could have this wonderful record of the word of God. The gospel is amazing! And so many people have left a wonderful legacy for us to follow in these latter days!

On Thursday we had a lesson with our recent convert Arminda. We taught her the amazing rocks and rice lesson! ( Yes Dad, I remember when you taught me and the youth of the church that lesson:) We talked about how the jar represents our life, the rice represent the worldly things, and the rocks represent things that the Lord has asked us to do. If we put God first, everything will fall into place! Arminda loved the object lesson! Then we met with another less active who wants to come back to church. She is so sweet! We are planning to teach her the missionary lessons so that she can learn more about the gospel! She also takes Institute classes cause she wants to increase her testimony! She is amazing!

On Friday, we had a lot  of weekly planning to do! For part of the day, Sister Grange had to go to a Mission Leadership meeting because Lynn G. Robbins was in a town for the groundbreaking of the Tucson temple. So they had a sudden MLC meeting. So I went with Sister Condie and Sister Tracey in their area! We met with an older lady named Bev who has short term memory loss. She is the happiest most positive woman I have ever met in my life! She considers this issue a blessing! She is so grateful everyday that she learns something new! Her life is never boring! :) Then in our area, we had an appointment with someone who was a former investigator. When we met him last time, he said that he was about to serve jury duty for the first time! He asked us for advice, and I helped him understand the whole process! Now I know why I did my jury duty service right before my mission:) haha! What a fond memory! :D

We also met with Pearl, one of our less actives. She is awesome! And so hilarious! Sister Tracey and Pearl bonded so quickly! They liked the same things, they went through the same struggles. There was a reason why we visited her with different sisters! It is amazing how God works!

On Saturday we went on exchanges! Sister Fowers and I had a great day! We had many fun adventures. One time we had to visit a less active in a gated community. We didn't know how to get in so Sister Fowers called some random person in there! It was bad!! They were kind of confused as to who it was, and when they heard we were missionaries they swore and said "Oh no". That was fun!

On Sunday I spoke in Sacrament meeting! I spoke on the purpose of home and visiting teaching. Also, Kelly got confirmed too and that was amazing!! Sister Grange and I have really felt close to the ward this week! Everyone is amazing, and we are so excited to spend another transfer with them! Well, that is my week! I love you all!

Sister Dunn

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