Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taylor - September 28, 2015

Biking day, don't look half bad ;) found those
shades in the car!
Hey! Thanks for the emails! So this week was a tough week but a great week at the same time! Cristian really wanted to get baptized but he and the bishop talked to his mom and she wouldn't let him so we are still praying to be able to help him enter the waters of baptism but it is kinda at a stand still right now. 
Venus and her daughter really want to come to church but Isidro doesn't want to. They wanted to leave but he started crying. Definitely a difficult and sad situation. We just need to get members over there, maybe that will help! 

We had a difficult time finding this week but something we want to work on, especially myself, is making the whole door approach less rote, making sure they can really feel the spirit. And I want to follow the promptings of the spirit to discern if they are willing to come to church and keep commitments. I've done the door approach so much that sometimes I don't think about it but every person is a child of God and truly needs to feel the love of God in their lives. So ya so much to work on for this week but I'm excited, I just want to help the Lord out and sometimes when I'm not having much success I feel like I'm not doing much. I know I am but I want to do more, does that make sense? But hey as long as the Lord is happy I'm happy!  

Elder Keys is doing awesome and is a great example to me of love and patience. His Spanish is improving slowly but surely and his pronunciation is quite good! We biked a little bit this week because we were low on miles haha. Made elder keys sweat a little bit... ok a lot haha! The spooky bash is coming up which is a just a zone activity, the zl's do really good planned out zone activities so it's super fun! We are gonna be gangstas haha. It's gonna be epic! Oh and we're running again because my comp is actually down for running so that's pretty fun! 

I'm glad spencer had a lot of fun at homecoming. Sounds like a super fun time. Thanks for the pics! I remember all that delicious food when we made the Tucanos dinner. It was the best!  Ya BSU sounds like they're not doing too bad which is great! Man Janie is leaving already, that's crazy, I bet she's pumped! I'm glad Stan is doing well and ya we'll continue to pray for him! Oh and here are comments from elder keys he wanted to type it himself  {From elder Keys... Elder Dunn is awesome and you need to tell him to quit stressing because I am more relaxed than him and I am a greenie!! Love yall see ya next time!!} 

Anyways thanks for all the emails. I love you guys and will talk to you next week! Oh ya and I'm pumped for Conference!

Elder Dunn

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