Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lindsay - September 28, 2015

Hello from Tucson, Arizona! I hope you all had an amazing week! I had an awesome week! These are the highlights! So on Monday it literally rained all day! Sister Grange and I were loving it! It is so uncommon for rain to fall more than an hour here! We had dinner with a member at a place called "Beyond Bread". It was so good! Mom, you would have loved it! I got Chicken Tortilla soup with four slices of white bread on the side!  At the end of the day, we exchanged with the 
Vail sisters! I went to Vail with Sister Stebar! It was awesome! But funny story.....hehe:) So I had the phone when we exchanged, and so Sister Grange didn't have the phone all day in our area! Oops! Hehe:) Sister Stebar is an awesome missionary! She came to the mission a transfer after me so we are both pretty new to the mission! But one of our 
appointments was in the foothills and the dirt roads are NASTY to travel through! There is a device on our car that monitors the way we drive. I got an aggressive driving it was so bad! Sister Stebar screamed "YES!” When I got the warning!!! Ughhhhh!  First aggressive driving of the mission! 
But it was an awesome lesson nonetheless! 

On Wednesday we had District Meeting! It was awesome as usual! We talked about members and how we can help them do their own missionary work in the ward! Then we tried some of our investigators and ended up talking with Brittany (one of our investigators). She is so sweet and the way she comprehends the scriptures amazes me. Her perspective on the gospel is amazing, and you can tell that she speaks 
with conviction. 

On Thursday we had exchanges with another set of sisters. Sister Grange is a Sister Training Leader, so we had to have 6 exchanges this transfer. So we are trying to squeeze them in the last 2 weeks of the transfer! So Sister Fowers ( a new missionary), came to my area, and Sister Grange went to the 
other area. Sister Fowers is awesome! She lightens the mood and is very optimistic about the work! Once while we were at the stoplight, she put the car in neutral and I totally gunned it when the light turned green. It took me a second 
to figure out what was wrong with the car! Haha:) She is definitely a talker though! Haha! She told me that it was hard for her to listen to people, so she interrupts  a  lot of people when they are speaking. I think she is just trying to get all her words out! But she will do amazing things! Her happy, positive attitude will help her go far! 

On Friday we did a lot of weekly planning and trying to find more people to teach! It has been really hard for both of us to pink wash! We have had a tough time finding more people to teach! But the harder we work, I have hope that the
Lord will bless us in the end! 

On Saturday we went to the temple! One of our recent converts David was going to do baptisms for the first time! And the ward was also doing a temple trip so it 
was awesome! We got permission from President and we headed down towards the Mesa Temple! We didn't do baptisms, but we got in cute little white dresses
with slippers and handed out towels! The Mesa temple is so beautiful! It was so nice to feel so much peace there and to witness David going to the temple for the first time! We also went to Cafe Rio after our temple trip! So good! 

Later that day we went to the Women's Broadcast! It was amazing! And our investigator Kelly came!! I felt the spirit so strong during that meeting, and President Utchdorf's talk helped me a lot! This week was awesome! Even though it has been really hard physically, emotionally and spiritually, I learned so much and it’s worth it in  the end! Press forward everyone! That is the key to happiness! Just keep trying and 
everything will work out in the end! I love you all and I just want to thank you for your kindness and support!

Sister Dunn

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