Friday, September 4, 2015

Chelsea - August 31, 2015


Haha mom I got your package! Except.... the peanut butter m&ms exploded everywhere. And then they melted so it was all over everything! And the box was messed up too! It looked like there was a hole and then someone tried to tape it haha. so ya.. Pero, everything was still good! except the m&ms.. I was really bummed about that. I almost cried when I ate the mac and cheese though! So dang good. Even Sister Mariano liked it.  We made the last box last night.  Sad day.

Haha so this week was kinda a slow week! We planned for about 12 lessons on Tuesday when we were working in Rizal. Literally, we walked probably about 10 miles that day. And we got punted so many times! We only ended up teaching about three lessons. Pero, we had like 30 contacts and found like 7 new less actives! So that was cool! But oh man, our bodies were aching for days. 

And then on Friday and Saturday, Sister Mariano and I both got sick... So we were just laying in bed for two straight days. It was literally the worst. Pero, I got so much studying in! We had some kind of fever.  Not sure why. But we were teaching in Maria Clara yesterday and every single person we taught had pink eye. I was like screaming inside! Sister Mariano was like, we are going to get infected because our immune systems are so low. ahhhhhh. We dont really know why we had it but Sister Mariano doesnt get any mosquito bites. But when I had like 100 bites on my leg, I just called sister rahlf and she called the mission doctor and told me what to do. She gave me some meds.

But we were finally able to go out yesterday and teach a couple lessons. In each one, we were able to teach them how to pray. I love teaching new investigators how to pray! It's literally so amazing. In half of the prayers that our investigators offer for the first time, they are crying. But its so funny cause they never want to pray. They get so nervous and scared when we ask them and it takes them a couple minutes to compose themselves and do it. But yesterday, I guess it really hit me how nerve racking it must be! Praying for the first time in front of a bunch of people! But every time they pray, the spirit is so strong! When they start to pray, they really realize that they need help in their life. They need God! So its truly amazing that we get to teach people how to pray every day! 

So funny story, so we have iglesia ni cristo in diffun (they are everywhere) and we arent supposed to go contact in front of other churches. and so I kinda forgot about that, and so I walked right up to a guy and was like kumusta?? Kaming ay mga missionary.... and sister Mariano realized he was getting super mad and she was like, brother, we just wanted to share that god loves you! Okay bye! hahahahaah we were laughing. definitely broke the rule in the white handbook on that. 

This week was a tough week for me mentally haha. During training, I was getting so frustrated with myself. And then that night, we were in a lesson and I was trying so hard to understand what they were saying, but I literally had no idea. So just thinking that I have been here for 6 weeks and I still don't have a clue what these people are saying, it definitely threw me off. Sister Mariano has been such a great companion though. She always tells me, Sister Dunn give yourself some credit! Be positive! Look for the good that you are doing here! And then she told me that my attitude makes or breaks this mission. So after that, I have been trying super hard to stay positive and to just keep going. I have prayed so much for strength to be patient with myself. And so yesterday in training, Sister Mariano was teaching me how to teach the Law of Chastity. Haha. Usually, I would get super frustrated after trying to roleplay, but I felt so much peace during training! I mean, obviously, I was struggling and it was hard but I felt like I had so much patience and strength just to endure it. So basically, the Lord is amazing and if we are trying our best, He will make our burdens become lighter. So ya! Definitely an eye opening week! 
Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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