Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lindsay - September 7, 2015

Hi everyone!! This week was a crazy but awesome week! Sister Grange my new companion is amazing! She is so hard working and is a exactly obedient! She is from Washington and she has been out for more than a year but is going home in December. She is so sad to leave her mission but she still has a few months to go! On Transfer day we helped out and went to the leaders apartment and cleaned it inside and out! It was so disgusting!!!! We found a plate of pancakes that literally had a pancake of mold on it! Oh my gosh elders are gross!! But they always seem to look so sharp at district and zone meetings! :) haha! 

On Wednesday we had a district meeting! Corey Nielson from the Eagle Stake is in my zone! How cool is that?! Our zone goal is to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon!! So we have the goal to place a BOM every day as a companionship! So far we have done really good!!! Sister Grange literally talks to everyone, and I still have a weakness of doing that! I'm just so shy, and it is totally not my comfort zone to speak to everyone!! Unless I know them, it's so hard for me to just talk to them and transition my conversation to the gospel! So Sister Grange has really helped me to at least face the uncomfortable situation, even though she does most of the talking:) but hopefully by the end of this transfer, I won't need to depend on her to initiate the street contact, but I will have the confidence to do it myself. 

So on Thursday we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Emily. She is the sweetest girl, and she loves music! I loved our discussion with her because she is so solid and she has such a strong testimony of this gospel! On Friday, Sister Grange had to go to Mission Leadership Conference because she is a Sister Training Leader, so I went with Sister Moe-Tufaga and her companion Sister Squire!! I love those two! Sister Squire is from Meridian and she went to Rocky so that was cool to talk to her! We had so much fun together! We went to Sister Etzdorf's house and read scriptures with her and then we went to the Blancos to do Personal Progress with Jessica. Her daughter Nadine made a bracelet for me!! ( she makes them for all the missionaries that leave the area). I truly love that family. When we came back to the area, we had a lesson with one of our referrals Brian. When we arrived at his apartment, his mom had to wake him up. He was definitely drunk, and he started to smoke a cigarette in the house! I literally couldn't breathe!!!! Oh my gosh! In this area many many people smoke, and so I believe that I will have second hand smoke by the end of the transfer. During the lesson it was hard to stay on topic because everything that he said, we applied to the gospel, but then he would talk about the dreams that he had been having. It was kind of weird and it was a pretty bumpy lesson. But it's ok, he said that he would come to church on Sunday! 

 On Saturday we went to clean the church so that we could meet some people from the ward. And one of our recent converts was going to be there and she wanted to meet afterwards for a lesson. She asked us if we were willing to talk about dispensations. It was so cool! She had some questions about Solomon’s temple which was awesome! I definitely need to study the Bible more often! We also went to a baptism for one of Sister Grange’s investigators. I also taught her on exchanges so it was awesome to see her again! She was very emotional and she bore her testimony at the end. She was so sweet and she has such a light about her that makes everyone happy. It was an awesome baptism.   
On Sunday we went to Ward Council in the morning. It was amazing! So Ria, an investigator of Sister Grange's moved from 3rd Ward ( Sister Grange's old area) to 2nd Ward ( our new area). So we get to pick up our discussions with her!! We are so excited, and the bishop thought she was a member when he talked to her!! :) We also had a lesson with one of our investigators Brittney. She is so sweet and her faith in the gospel is so strong! She is Catholic, and her family is too, so it has been hard for her to decide what she wants, but she told us "if I were to tell someone if they should read the Book of Mormon or the Bible I would say read the Book of Mormon!" I love her! She has truly strengthened me and my faith! We told her that she is a great missionary because after we talked about the Word of Wisdom with her, she wanted to share it with her family and friends. She is truly amazing! Well that is my week!! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Sister Dunn

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