Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chelsea - September 7, 2015

Balut!  Nast!

Lesson with Jessa (the one in blue).  Love this family!

So balut... pretty much the NASTIEST thing I have ever put into my mouth. So you first crack it open, and then you drink the juice. So I did.. and I started gagging. And then I ate the egg part and that was when I started throwing up! NEVER AGAIN! Oh and I forgot to mention, it was 19 days old! Sister Mariano didn't want to buy it, but then we would have had to wait for another week. When the eggs are 19 days old, the chick is really big and has feathers.. so we didn't eat that haha. Plus, Sister Mariano hates eating the chick, so that’s a plus for me!

Oh man, so... we saw our first possession this week! Scariest thing of my life. So me and Sister Mariano were coming home from an FHE. We were both in a good mood and just loving missionary work and then right when we get into our apartment, we hear screaming. Haha so we looked outside our door and it was coming from the house across the street. There was one lady on the balcony who was just screaming, but it wasn't a regular scream, it was like a devil scream! And then two other women were holding her back. It looked like she was trying to jump off. They were screaming in ilecauno so I couldnt understand but sister mariano said they were saying keep fighting, and Jesus have mercy. So... ya, that was so not fun to watch. I was like, "OMGosh Satan is at the house across the street!” 

So Wednesday was probably the hardest day here for me. It was my first time teaching the Law of Chastity and I had to tell what it was to a 15 year old boy, Ariel, one of our investigators. So ya.. you can imagine how awkward it might have been. So there was another kid sitting in on the lesson and I started to explain about LOC and how God gave it to us because he loves us etc. and this kid just starts laughing and making fun of me and saying that he doesn't understand anything etc. and I was like hey, I dont even know Tagalog here, Im trying! And then Sister Mariano totally scolded him haha. But it literally took every fiber of my being to stay in that lesson and not break down! It is so hard sometimes cause I feel like I am trying my hardest and trying my best and things like that happen where you feel like you're nothing! So after that lesson, I broke down to Sister Mariano, and we came straight home. And then we asked Elder Pandaog our DL, to give me a blessing. Even though he did it in Tagalog, it was so amazing. And both him and Elder Tsirata were crying and then I started crying and Elder Pandaog was like, Sister Dunn, you are doing great, and you are so strong. Just keep going. Uhhh I am so blessed with so much love and support not only from my family back home but my family in the Philippines.

But the next day was great! We committed four people to baptism! And one lesson we went in, we thought we were going to drop her, but we ended up inviting her to be baptized haha! My favorite investigator here is Jessa! She is 15 years old and she is so great! She's been to church twice already so we are hoping with everything that we have that she keeps coming. Her family is so poor so they can't afford to go to church with her. I will send a picture of our lesson! We taught the whole family the ilding!plan of Salvation! And then I was testifying at the end and then Sister Mariano looks at me and whispers something and I was like what? And then I heard her say baptism. So I was like crap! So I had to figure out a way to ask her without just coming out with it. But the Lord sure helped me, and it went great! And she said yes! Her baptism is scheduled for the 26th so hopefully it follows through! She is really great though!

So that's about it for this week! Each day is a struggle but with the Lord on my side, I can do all things! Thanks everyone for your prayers and support! Mahal po kayo! 

Sister Dunn

The vans that we ride in to Santiago. They are so crowded every time.. haha sometimes I cant even fit! I am not made for those seats! 

Our church building

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