Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chelsea - September 14, 2015

So this is Tatay belon! the one on the left. He had a stroke fifteen years ago and he is 75. He’s kinda hard to understand but he’s soooo cute. I just want to pinch his little cheeks! His wife is right next to him. She is 39! Scandal!! haha. And then on the right is Rodel. He is one of our investigators and his baptism is scheduled for october 3rd. Hopefully he follows through!!! 

Hey Family!

Well this week was kinda of a bad one! I got sick from Wednesday to Friday! It was the worst. Literally, I am so sick of getting sick! So on Wednesday morning at like 1 am, I woke up, and I just started throwing up non stop. And then I started to get this migraine during the night that made me even more nauseous! Then later that day, I had a fever and LBM and it was just the worst! Haha we tried to get out Friday afternoon but I almost threw up again! I think its the water. Sister Mariano is really watching what I eat and drink haha.  But we were visiting this old nanay and we told her that I was sick and we had to leave and so she like walked up to me and grabbed my head and then like touched my face or something and I was like what in the heck?! Haha, apparently she was blessing me because she thinks that a spirit is messing with me because I'm foreign haha! 

Let's see, scary happenings. Haha oh ya so we were in Rizal at night which is pretty sketchy. And we had to walk from this one house to another which is about a 10 minute walk. So we walk by this house and this guy is sitting there and he has like the creepiest look on his face and then he called his friend over to watch us walk by and I was like, oh my goodness, we are going to get killed. So we like ran to the Gonzales house and sang primary songs cause we were freaked out that they were following us. And oh ya! So Sister Mariano and I were coming home for the night and we got up to our door and we could see this thing laying on the ground by the door. So Sister Mariano shined her flashlight on it and it was a disfigured barbie doll with a rope around her neck. We both just screamed so hard and we kicked it off the steps. After that, I was like, Okay, Im done!  The owner of the apartment thinks it’s a little kid messing with us! So we were just super excited about that! 

Haha oh my goodness. So we were teaching a less active on Saturday. We were talking about the importance of church and the sacrament. And then she told us that she is more comfortable at home instead of at church, etc. And then she was like, and I do take the sacrament! And we were like how? And then she told us that she blesses and partakes of her own sacrament. It was so weird! I was like, who are the missionaries that taught you?! Haha. And whats funny is that she loves the Book of Mormon and reads from it diligently. So Im thinking, obviously you dont understand the book of mormon, because what you are doing is so against it! haha. So Sister Mariano had to explain about Priesthood authority haha. Sobrang weird! (sobrang means super in Tagalog)

Haha so yesterday, we had to teach lesson 3 to Elcid, Alvin, and Rennabeth. It was my first time to actually teach some of the priniciples, so for training, we just rehearsed it. So I was doing Lesson 3 principle 1 to Sister Mariano, and after I was finished, she almost started crying. She was like, Sister Dunn! You were so fluent! Ahhh I want to cry! I am so proud of you! Haha and I was like what are you talking about?! And then, I was super scared to do it in the lesson cause usually I just blank out, you know! But I really prayed hard before and during that lesson, and even though I still struggled and made mistakes, I felt the Lord by my side the whole time and I felt like He really magnified what I could do. So ya, yesterday was a good day. Except poor Elcid! He wants to get baptized so bad but he is having some word of wisdom problems. Ever since he was 6, he drank 2 cups of coffee a day and then he drinks so much tea every day. So since the word of wisdom lesson, he has stopped drinking coffee, but he still hasn't stopped drinking tea. Ahhh. And so his baptism keeps getting moved. And its super awkward, because Alvin and Rennabeth have no problems and so we dont know how to keep all of their baptisms together. Elcid is gonna be so crushed! Ahhhhh

Yesterday, we had 8 less actives come to church! Wooh! and if four of them come next time, they will be returned (have attended for their fourth time)! So we are super blessed in that department! Only four of our investigators came to church yesterday, and Jessa didnt. We were so crushed! Hopefully she comes next week, or her baptism is gonna get moved. We are guessing that they didnt have money to get to church... uhh its hard! 

So ya, that was the week! I am doing pretty good! Days are getting easier and easier the longer I am here and I truly am growing a love for this work. So I’m sitting next to this american guy right now that is also a missionary and he is going home in three weeks! He told me, you do not want to be in this position. He hates it. And just like two seconds ago, his parents emailed him some dates when he could give his homecoming talk. He was like, I dont want to do this! I don’t want to leave. He’s so amazing though at tagalog and ilecauno.  Love you all!  And have a good week! Thank you for your love and prayers!

Sister Dunn


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