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Chelsea - September 28, 2015

Splits with Sister Flores
Family Day food at the Church

Ohhhh man this week was a rough one! I was sick Sunday and Tuesday. I’m working with Sister Rahlf though and she’s working with the mission doctor to get me on some meds or something. But there were some good parts, so don't worry! 

So, we had splits on Wednesday in Santiago. My companion was Sister Flores. She is awesome and so in tune with the spirit! But let me tell you, it was so hard. Literally, the whole day, we walked and walked and oh man, my calves were killing! Haha also, Sister Flores and Sister Mariano's styles are so different. Sister Mariano likes to have a plan in the lesson and Sister Flores is just like, say what you feel! So we found some people to teach lesson 1 principles 1 and 2 to, and she literally went on for 45 minutes. I was going crazy. And then she kept turning to me and I was like, I have nothing left to say!! So the next time she turned to me, I totally closed the lesson. BAM! Taking control! Haha except I could tell, she still had more to say. Also, we came back an hour early and just chilled in the apartment. I was like, we aren't supposed to be doing this! You're a Sister Training Leader!  So ya, a lot of things I learned that I wanted to implement and things I didn't want to implement!

Zone Conference was pretty good. Oh man, President Rahlf asked Sister Mariano and I to role play the story of Jacob and Sherem. Let me tell you, that was an embarrassment. 

HAHAHAH funniest thing of the week. So Sister Mariano and I were out contacting and we contacted this one bakla (gay guy who dresses up like a girl) and Sister Mariano asked his/her name and he was like Kring Kring.  Sister Mariano and I had to try SO HARD not to laugh. And then when she invited him to church, she was like "Brother, invited kayo sa simbahan! I think he got offended we called him Brother. Oh well! Sister Mariano says she LOVES to invite baklas and call them what they truly are hahaha. We also contacted this drunk guy holding a puppy. and He was like, you are just inviting me so you can have my puppy! and then we started walking away and he shouted, "I have a pig too! Do you want that!" Hahahahahah we were dying!

Rodel's baptismal interview was on Saturday and he passed! We are so excited for him! Watching him change has been amazing. He has been through so many pairs of  missionaries so it’s an honor to be able to see him baptized. He is doing so good though! He's reading the Book of Mormon and he's becoming a new person. Before, he was so addicted to alcohol and tobacco and he had a child with his girlfriend, but now he's doing so well and he's really developing that faith in Jesus Christ. So we are so excited for his baptism this Saturday!

Jessa's baptism was amazing!! After, when she was bearing her testimony, she was so emotional! It's been awesome seeing her change also. It was so sad though, cause her parents didn't come. And her mom is less active and she's great! We tried to convince her mom so many times but she was like I have to do laundry. So it was so sad... but luckily a couple of her sisters came!

So this week is family week in the Philippines! So Sister Mariano and I went down to the church on Saturday and hung out with the ward! We ate and talked and played some games. We had this big water fight and sister Mariano grabbed the hose and started soaking me, but I came up behind her and grabbed the hose from her and sprayed it right in her face. HAHA! 

President and Sister Rahlf were able to come down to our ward on Sunday and give an awesome fireside on the Sabbath Day! Let me tell you, it was so needed! Just before they arrived, kids were running through the chapel, screaming, with their shirts off (lack of parenting here) and the leaders went to the palengke (store) and bought some pancit (noodles) for the ward to eat right before the meeting hahaha. So it was so great! President Rahlf is an amazing speaker! He is so bold and up right with people and the ward really loved him! 

That's about it for this week! Love ya all! 

Sister Dunn

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